Apr 12 2020

With love, from Hefei

The Liu temple is processing well. They began to work 来自家乡的信息和照片.

2020.4.12 ⇓

Jan 8 2020

The temple in 2020

Liudun, 刘墩村, 元和堂
Hefei, Anhui, China

The architectural concept, blueprint and the actual photo of the Liu Temple.

They’ve celebration on Oct 4, 2019.

Is the stage too high

Oct 27 2019

Visiting the temple 元和堂, 2019

Liudun, 刘墩村 合肥市庐江县矾山镇刘墩街 (X086县道)  
Hefei, Anhui, China

I visit the Temple after breakfast. It’s a short drive from the HongFu Hotel. We made a pit stop at Zhuanqiao Secondary School (Middle School 砖桥中学).



Oct 27 2019

Zhuanqiao Secondary School 砖桥中学

X064县道 刘墩街
Chaohu, Lujiang, Anhui

Going in from the hotel, and the street scenes between the School and the Temple. There is a big stone, donated by the Class of 1975, naming the area as Dream Chasing Dream Chasing Jujube Garden 追梦枣园.


Oct 25 2019

The hotel in Lujiang

… Lujiang, Hefei

The hotel Hongfu 鸿福大酒店 is the best in town (its facilities & guidance) and popular with weddings.  The foundation treated me to a suit with two toilets, which I protested to no avid. It feels old, and … hmmm… yucky, with many cigarette ashtrays.



Oct 25 2019

Happy Bay 幸福港湾

NE corner 经四路 纬二路
Lujiang, Hefei

Nearly two hours drive from the Hefei South rail station (70 km). The restaurant is next to Morning Market 晨光农贸. They kindly displayed a banner as a warm welcome, oh boy. The owner is a distant relative, who sweated in Wenzhou before coming home to open up his own shop. The cucumber cold appetizer is really good, look and texture wise. And I taste for the first time, their local rice dumplings, which is fried.


Oct 4 2019

Yuanhe Temple 元和堂

Liudun, 刘墩村, 元和堂
Hefei, Anhui, China

This architectural concept is rendered by Architectural Engineering Design Institute at Tongji University, Shanghai 上海同济大学建筑工程设计院. The project started in 2009. But unfortunately due to mismanagement, it stopped for a decade.

On October 4th, 2019, they celebrate the beam installation 上梁典礼.

2019.12.22: Ceremony of ancestral hall 庐江刘墩刘氏宗祠祖宗神位入住祖先堂仪式, 今日冬至圆满完成.

Mar 15 2016

Hefei train station

I couldn’t tell where this station is (blurry doesn’t help either) – very unformed, except I’ve a receipt for a bowl of noodle (¥17, a little less than US$3) indicating the date and time, which put me in Hefei, Anhui province. The infrastructure, especially rail is far superior than in USA.

IMG_9970 IMG_9971 IMG_9972 IMG_9974

Most conductors are female

Mar 14 2016

How to get to the park

After lunch we doubled back on the provincial road S319, and made a left turn to Niu’Ao to Liu Bingzhang memorial park.


I can’t map it on Google, except Niu’Ao 牛凹. (安徽省合肥市庐江县万山镇长岗 牛凹) The Google Earth shows the park top left.

Off the S319, we made a left turn, through this underpass. At the first junction (3rd photo), keep right. A few homes will be on the left and the pond on the right. The park is at the road end.

IMG_9848 IMG_9849 IMG_9851 IMG_9856 IMG_9855 IMG_9859

At the end of the narrow road …

IMG_9866 IMG_9865

Mar 14 2016

Liu Bingzhang memorial park

This park was opened in 2011. It doesn’t have a map-able address, but it’s not difficult to get to. We randomly asked a store worker who gave us the simple direction.  The surrounding mountains are very bare. At the end of narrow road, is long steps up, to the tomb. More pix on FB.





IMG_9867 IMG_9868 IMG_9871 IMG_9875 IMG_9876 IMG_9879 IMG_9890 IMG_9903 IMG_9912 IMG_9922 IMG_9927 IMG_9936 IMG_9939