Jun 7 2014

The bare grassland

This one near Hohhot is so so.  ¥120 to ride the horse (30-45 minutes) and ¥20 to enter the grassland.

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Jun 7 2014

Donglaishun 东来顺

This is a chain restaurant. This one in Hohhot is decent. We had the hot pot. The pots are pretty. The smokers make the dining experience so undesirable.


Jun 7 2014


Near Hohhot, video
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Jun 7 2014

The solicitors

The solicitors in Hohhot (or other attractions)  solicit their service, usually a meal at their home, aggressively everywhere.

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Holy Eagle Tourism Ltd 神鹰宏浩旅游有限责任公司

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Jun 7 2014

An animal/bird show

After the grassland adventure, we went to Hohhot’s Daqingshan Wild Animal Zoo. The zoo is really a dump, animals are treated poorly. It’s like a backyard gathering. The trainer was very cold. The familiar yogurt cost ¥10 (in Beijing is about ¥5). The show is free. After the show, the trainer bragged how smart his bird and encouraged us to try with real money and he would take pictures. He never said the money would not be returned. Oh well.  And the print of the picture he took was ¥20. The audience was free to take pictures too.

IMG_3020 IMG_3021 IMG_3019

Jun 6 2014


This hotel in Hohhot is next to the upscale Victory City Mall. On TripAdvisor
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New … but old

DSCN5595 DSCN5598

Jun 6 2014

Water, water, everywhere

My first sight and experience of the Hushi
IMG_6448 IMG_6468 IMG_6475 IMG_6463

Jun 6 2014

TongSheng Lou 同盛楼 @ 呼和浩特

Tongdao South Rd, 通道南街7号
Phone:+86 471 639 8266

A decent place to dine. particular enjoyed the tea. The hair thin hand-pulled noodles is pretty amazing.

IMG_6568 IMG_6570 IMG_6574 IMG_6575 IMG_6566 IMG_6587

Jun 6 2014

The Victory City Mall

It’s upscale but empty. It’s Friday night and the the few floors of restaurants and food court were empty.