Jun 4 2014

Datong’s Deyuelou 得月楼

This couple brought a bottle of wine, the restaurant supplied water glass for the wine.
There are smokers in the back.
It’s a muslin restaurant, the dishes are not bad, average.
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Jun 4 2014

Datong 大同

Driving to Datong, Shanxi from Beijing is easy. No traffic. The street lights are nice. Red light beaters are everywhere.  Going against the traffic is plentiful too. Smokers in the restaurants and hotels with the No Smoking signs posted. Saw a mother let her kid to pee on the street, Yingbin Jie 迎宾街, a rather busy street.
The new part of the city
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Jun 4 2014

Heading to Datong

From Beijing to Datong, the road condition is good and,  empty. They are many pit stop areas, and MANY tolls.


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May 5 2014

Vinegar 醋是怎么炼成的?

山西老陈醋 Shanxi Mature Vinegar or extra aged is well known as the Zhenjiang one, both are to my liking. Walking into this specialty store, the fragrant of the vinegar filled my lung and sense. Getting a job there should be neat. Ehhhhrrr, I’m too old, I was told -:).

According to this South China Morning Post article, back to 2011, fake Shanxi vinegar had been available. Oh well.


IMG_6268 IMG_6269 IMG_6265 IMG_6270

Other shops

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