Nov 2 2014

Inner Mongolia 内蒙古

Yellow River passing through.

Jun 8 2014

Baotou 包头市

It’s like 1980 or 90 Beijing. The real estate 燕赵锦河湾 is about to begin (a search on 8/25 shows the development has second phrase). Another one 中心景观王座 (a search on 8/25) sells for ¥4,400 a square meter. IF I remembered it right, Beijing was selling at ¥7,000 in 2003.

DSCN6018 DSCN6025

The city’s Mongolian name means “place with deer”, and an alternate name is “Lucheng” (鹿城; Lùchéng), meaning “Deer City”.  Xiaoyi used to work there, Baotou #8 Hospital 包头市第八医院, the reason we made the excursion after Hasu Lake. The hospital has been renovated. We found the bathroom by our nose. I spotted a tennis court from the bathroom.

DSCN6020 DSCN5999 DSCN5991 DSCN5993 DSCN5998 DSCN6034