Jun 13 2014

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Jun 13 2014

Getting high with the elephant

At Dalian Zoo


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Jun 13 2014

What do people do in a park?

After dinner we went to Black Rock Reef (shoal rock?) 黑石礁 Heishijiao in Dalian. It’s just the beginning of the park dance.  A massive block of women dressed in pink, followed by few like us.
This was 2003 in Purple Bamboo Park Beijing. And in New York


Jun 13 2014

Baths at Dalian

We didn’t try any of them while in Dalian

泰泊湾温泉会馆 Taibowan Spring Club @ Xintiandi


Tongxiang Ge 同香阁酒店洗浴 On our way to the Zoo

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Jun 13 2014

Dancing in the parks

After dinner, we went to

video 2014-06-13

WSJ 2014-03-26

Jun 13 2014

Deep Sea Legends 深海传奇

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Jun 13 2014



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Jun 13 2014

Sunasia 大连 圣亚

After breakfast we went to Dalian‘s Xinghai Bay Beach 星海浴场. Its walking distance to the Ocean World but since we purchased ticket, they (the ticket agent or whatever) provided us free ride.

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The Ocean World has four components ¥220:

With dinosaur 恐龙传奇 (five) it cost ¥280.

Jun 13 2014

Sunasia Ocean World 圣亚海洋世界


Jun 13 2014

Dalian 大连

A pretty coast city in Liaoning province. We spent two nights 3 days in Dalian (June 13-15).  Over night train to Dalian, leaving Beijing Train Station on 6/12. Video of women dancing in the park, all dressed in pink