Jul 26 2018

The Hawkes House

Derby Street
Salem, MA 01970

Sitting between Derby’s and the Customs House, it’s designed by famed architect Samuel McIntire from Salem, for Elias Hasket and Elizabeth Derby. (nps)Construction began on the building in 1780 and never finished it. Benjamin Hawkes, who owned a shipyard next to Derby Wharf purchased it in 1800.

Jul 26 2018

Narbonne House

71 Essex St,
Salem, MA 01970

The grey Narbonne House is behind the Derby’s, on Essex Road (nps). It’s built in 1675 for butcher Thomas Ives, illustrating how the midddle class lived. It’s limited opening time which I missed.


Jul 26 2018

Derby House and Wharf

160 Derby Street
Salem, MA 01970

This house was built in 1762, as a wedding gift to Elias Hasket and Elizabeth Crowninshield Derby. It’s looking out to the namesake wharf, east of Pickering Wharf. Behind the house is a rectangle garden. One yellow house over is the Customs.


Derby Whraf is 1/2 mile long jetty with the chubby light station at the tip.



Jul 26 2018

Milton Cemetery

211 Centre St,
Milton, MA 02186

Milton Cemetery was established in 1672 for the town – the only municipal burying ground; added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. It’s less than a mile from Forbes House.



Jul 26 2018

George Peabody House Museum

205 Washington Street
Peabody, MA 01960

George Peabody was born here in 1795. The area is industrial. We saw the sign while driving, so made a pit stop – unfortunately it’s not open at the time. He was the American banker in London, and forged a close relationship with William Wetmore who named his son George Peabody Wetmore in 1846.

According to Essex Heritage, aside from museum, it’s also the Peabody Leather Workers Museum – Peabody Visitor Center. The city of Peabody has about 52k population, is known for its rich industrial history. It’s part of Salem. It left Salem in 1752, and named to Peabody in 1868, to honor George Peabody, a resident, and the father of modern philanthropy.

George Peabody had no son, so took on Junius Spencer Morgan as a partner in 1854. Ten years later, after Peabody retired, the business could eventually became J.P. Morgan &. Co. – commercial and investment banking. John Pierpont Morgan was the oldest child of Junius. J.P. Morgan had given birth to JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank.

Jul 26 2018

Forbes House

Jul 25 2018

The Phillips Library @ PEM

306 Newburyport Turnpike,
Rowley, MA 01969

The library has recently moved from Salem to Rowley, June of 2018. The old one was housed in the red brick building across street from PEM to the new, non describe commercial building 10 some miles away, in Rowley. The staff was responsive but in person, some aren’t too friendly.


Jul 25 2018

Peabody Essex Museum

161 Essex Street
Salem, MA 01970

PEM’s $20 admission is a little stepp given what they’ve to show for, but the atrium is very pleasing. They’re still expending. The Chines house is rare – moved piece by piece from Anhui, China and reassembled here. The tour of old house by volunteer is nice. Unfortunately the Phillips Library has just moved.


Jul 25 2018

Turner’s Seafood

43 Church St
Salem at Lyceum Hall
Salem, MA 01970

A little embarrassing that I cleaned the plate – the sauce is that delicius – will return.

This has to be the best restaurant in Salem, period. The interior’s dark wood, exposed bricks are inviting, so are their sensible service and delicious food.

We went a little early, and saw the staff was having their meals at the other end of the hall. A good sign.

I like how they serve the wine – from the small decanter.





Jul 25 2018

Pickering Wharf

Salem, MA 01970