Jul 27 2018

Monahan’s Clam Shack

190 Ocean Rd
Narragansett, RI 02882

I only purchased a kiddie sized ice cream (it’s just right for me!) but will try more food next time around. It’s a relaxed atmosphere with Atlantic Ocean view. I like their old sign postings alot.

Jul 27 2018


474 Bellevue Ave
Newport, RI 02840

Grand. Dark and fussy Victorian style. Love the woods. It’s built in 1852 for  William Shepard Wetmore. William died in 1862, leaving the chateau to his teenage children, George and Annie. Due to the close relastionhip with George Peabody, William named his son George Peabody Wetmore.

It seems the New York money went to Newport not the Bostonians.

And the moon gate: I’ve never seen a moon gate has stares around it.


Jul 27 2018

The Athenaeum

Providence Athenæum
251 Benefit St,
Providence, RI 02903

A library with 3 floors: second and a basement.

A bust of Lovecraft is up front, near the main entrance.


Jul 27 2018

H. P. Lovecraft

I am Providence

Said on his tome. Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the Vincent Van Gogh of the horror author who died in proverty in Providence but now he’s so worshiped. Many of his personal manuscripts and letters are kept at John Hay library @ Brown.

There are walking tours, and bookstore dedicated to him only.


Jul 27 2018

John Hay Library

20 Prospect St,
Providence, RI 02912

This was Brown‘s main library until the Rockfeller. Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection and H. P. Lovecraft – personal manuscripts and letters are among their major collectons.



Jul 27 2018

John Carter Brown Library

University Library
94 George St
(401) 863-2725

An independently funded research library of history @ Brown since 1846. It’s the private library of John Carter Brown (1797–1874).



Jul 27 2018


So far, the experience in New York has been good, in comparison to the logging we’ve had around the world … dealing with cancelations, and terrible situation such as the one below.

A terrible host …

Benefit Street
Providence, RI

This is an AirBnB home in Providence, Rhode Island. The stay was a disaster from the beginning, at check-in. The messy floor greeted us as soon as we opened the house door, then the door to the apartment was deadlocked… we simply couldn’t open.

Here’s the pros and cons:

Pros: convenient, has an a/c (noisy tho)


1. WRONG INFORMATION that resutling a parking ticket. The host site stated “it’s pretty easy finding free street parking just outside this house.” And assured me repeatedly in our private communications – I’ve been to her area before, therefore I asked about parking. (Now her site doesn’t mention parking anymore …)  The street sign says 3 hrs parking 8 am to 6 pm. After the ticket, I dig a little, to find that the city has a rule -> http://www.providenceri.gov/public-works/overnight-parking/  that overnight on-street parking is not allowed, unless you buy a permit. Those kind of information I really do rely on the hosts. When they say parking is easy and free, it relaxes me totally. Never would I think otherwise.

2. Can’t open the door at check in: Finding the key to the house is like Escape Room – it’d fine but not fun in the rain. With 1st set of key, we opened the front red door to the house, to a floor FULL of mails, I almost tripped. Found the 2nd set of the key to the apartment but couldn’t open the door. I’ve been communicating with the host thought out the day since I knew she works and has guests were checking out late. When I called, both calls went straight to her voice mail. We left the apartment in a down pour. The host explained that she’s on the work phone (and the previous guest had deadlocked the door … ) so couldn’t answer my call. … Well, the AirBnB isn’t a charity either, correct? (AirBnB wasn’t much of a help. 20 minutes passed before someone answered it. AND I’ve to verify my phone. WHAT’s that for???)

3. Dangerous chimney: a neighbor who’s an architect, asked me if I live there, and pointed out the bluestone is broken. “It’s dangerous…” he said.

4. Can’t close the front red door: no matter how hard we pushed.

The room has no closet nor hangers. I asked for hangers, there’s no response.


What’s my recourse when the host provides wrong information that resulting a parking ticket? The city has overnight parking rule yet the host wrote in her intro and repeatedly assured me that street parking is easy.

After no respose from AirBnB for 3 days in private message, I posted on their facebook page and got a reply immediately, directing me to their www.airbnb.com/resolutions.

The support (in private I guess) ignnored me for 3 days. Why does it have to be this way, air publically to get help??

Jul 27 2018

Brown University

Providence, RI 02912

Speak to the past and it shall teach thee

Next to RISD, the campus is pretty and quiet – Harvard is pretty too but way toooo many tourists, making it far less desirable. Libraries of John Brown, Rockefeller & John Hay



Jul 26 2018

Providence at night


Jul 26 2018

Red Fin