Oct 24 2016

Jiuzhou Port 九洲港

599, Qing Lv Nan Lu,
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

It opened in 1986, with limited routes, to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. I walked by it the other day from the hotel in the morning. It looks untidy but walking toward south, it becomes scenic.

img_1304 img_1306 img_1307 img_1308

Inside, the station is spacious and modern, given the geo location. ¥290 ticket to Hong Kong airport. Each passenger gets 20 kg check in luggage allowance. Each additional luggage cost ¥4 per kilogram. I end up paying ¥48 for two small luggage. The  is allowed in the waiting area after the immigration.

img_1792 img_1790 img_1811 img_1801

There are shops, as well as real estate agents. 翠湖香山 Lakewood Hills is one of a few. The bored looking agent said, the apartment/villa costs ¥10,000,000+ 1千多万 on 260 sq meter area. ¥200,000 in real estate tax (once). For golf, 高尔夫 membership it’s ¥400,000 for life/终身; only paying cart and caddy each time plays 每次打 交车费 球童费.

Departing from the port, passing by the hotel, we sail on the south side of the bridge, and break away at 30 minutes mark.

img_1825 img_1843 img_1845 img_1844img_1854


Oct 24 2016

The New Yuan Ming Palace 圆明新园

Xiangzhou Qu, Lanpu Rd, 圆明新园 邮政编码: 519000
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

A theme park built on the same size of land of Yuanmingyuan that was burned down in 1860 by the Brits and French. Maybe I grew up in Beijing and used to the ruins, this newly built park (2012; free 9am – 6pm) doesn’t do any magic for me. However, jogging is pretty good there. I didn’t go to any of the performances.

img_1752 img_1765 img_1764 img_1763 img_1761 img_1760 img_1756 img_1768



Oct 24 2016

Homestead of Chen Fang 陈芳

Meixi Villiage, Qianshan Block, Xiangzhou District
Zhuhai, 519080 GuangdongChina

The former home of Chun Afong (1825 -1906) 字国芬, a successful Chinese Hawaiian businessmen. It’s being preserved and renovated.

img_1657 img_1652 img_1649 img_1665 img_1667 img_1647 img_1679 img_1680 img_1732 img_1726

After the visit, we pass by Zhuhai Girls’ Middle School (all girls 珠海女子中学; zh wiki; baidu). The tall white building looks rather western. When I google it, some does comment that it looks aristocrat.


Oct 23 2016

Lover’s Road on Sunday

Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Qinglv Lu 情侣路 by Jiuzhou Port; ends at the beach

img_1295 img_1297 img_1318 img_1317 img_1311 img_1303 img_1322 img_1300 img_1302 img_1301

The beach @ City Living room

img_1327 img_1326 img_1342 img_1337 img_1330 img_1344

Oct 23 2016

Guangdong TCM Zhuhai 广东中医院

广东省中医院 珠海医院
53 Jingle Road (Jida 吉大) 景乐路53号

It’s an adventure that gone a little off. On the unplanned bike tour of Macau, as I was going down the hill, in full thratle, in order to go up the hill right in front of me, I lost the control and fall on my left side. Thanks lord there’s any cars around. I got up immediately. We managed to continue to the Cheoc Van Beach (Bamboo Bay), the House of Dancing Water and the dinner. For a piece of mind, I decided, at 10 pm, to visit emergency room, to get that rubber stamp.

  • ¥23, registration – my age is never asked
  • ¥132, X Ray
  • ¥165, medicines (a box of pills and 10 pads of paste)

Total of ¥320 (about US$46).

It’s 10 pm, there isn’t a lot of patients. After registration, we walked over to the doctor’s office. His door is open, treating a child who appears to be asleep, in his dad’s arms. Mom is standing. There are other people in the room. Two friends who go with me, go straight in, without any hesitation.

Privacy isn’t expected and respected (but secrecy!?)

When it’s my turn, (thanks lord, no one else is around except my two friends, and of course, they’ve no desire to leave the room …) the doctor asks a few questions then says, “soft rib is very difficult to diagnose and the accuracy is only 66%. …  Since 1 out of 3 is wrong, we usually treat it as broken – on the severe side, to be safe.”
We’re off to X Ray. There are bank of machines displaying names for CT/DR self pick up. Very effective but again, privacy is being violated. Everybody knows who’s done what.

We press the bell, the metal gate goes up and a sleepy doctor or X Ray technician comes out, who leads me into the room. My friends stay by the door. I know they mean well and are looking after me.

img_1594 img_1595 img_1597 img_1596-copy

“Change” he points to the two pieces greenish garment that are hinging on the wall. They look soiled.
“Do I have to?”
“I’ll take off my bra and keep my tank top.”
“Change. It’s for your own good.” He keeps an even, a little tired voice.
I change. All the while, thinking unknown worms are swimming …

My doc in New York. They’re wash after each use. 

The X Ray sends to the doctor’s monitor in no time. He looks at it, and gives me a clean bill but adds, “as I said before, 1 out 3 times, we misdiagnose. Take another one in a week if you still feel pain.”

One of my friends adds, “you now can go to your New York doctor … ” I sincerely hoped that the friend won’t make such comment. Because as I predict, the TCM doctor says, through his nose, “American doctors know nothing. They don’t treat enough patients.”

Medical insurance in China, according my friend, is relatively inexpensive compare to what we’re paying in the USA. They fork over ¥200 a month via salary deduction and the employer pays the other half. For each medical visit, (mostly hospitals), they pay 20% of the total charge.

If a patient fancies an expert, they need to pay more. How the doctors become experts? They take exam.

img_1589 img_1586 img_1590 img_1592

Oct 22 2016

Bridge at Lover’s Road

In Zhuhai


Oct 22 2016

Zhuhai Museum

Zhuhai, GuangdongChina

It’s an afterthought I stopped by the museum. Very simple, down to earth, mixed and match.

Before leaving, by chance, I spotted this Zhuhai Secrecy Education Exhibition  珠海保密教育展

img_1180 img_1185 img_1187 img_1202 img_1207 img_1217 img_1235 img_1246

Zhuhai Secrecy Education Exhibition  珠海保密教育展. I wondered what it’s for and whom would be interested to visit. A night later I visited their emergency room and have different understanding of ‘secrecy’ or more of privacy.

img_1248 img_1259 img_1258






Oct 22 2016

He Ji Caiguan 和记菜馆

Tangjia Chashui Jingshanfang Lu
唐家茶水井山房路 (唐绍仪故居斜对面)
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

A Farmer’s restaurant 农家饭 near Tang Shaoyi’s former residence. Duck is the dish and they sell certain numbers each day. Come early or come next time.

Food is fine, average ¥30 a dish but I won’t go crazy for it – once, perhaps is enough for me. Their duck is cooked in thick sauce which I don’t like – I much prefer the Peking duck or Chaozhou duck without sauce.

img_0996 img_0983 img_0981 img_0997

Cash only and ¥2 corkage fee for each bottle. See the red bucket to the right? That’s the water to rise …

img_0987 img_1004 img_1006 img_1009

The area is gentrifying: high rises are going up.

img_1011 img_1012 img_1013 img_1016  img_1019 img_1020

Oct 22 2016

Qi’Ao 淇奥湿地

Qi’ao Mangrove Forest of Zhuhaiimg_1025
Zhuhai, GuangdongChina

This mangroves 红树林 is on Qi’Ao Island 淇澳岛. Free to public, it’s a few restaurants and paved walk paths – we’ve lunch elsewhere.

Very pleasant walk.

img_1025 img_1026 img_1027 img_1028 img_1029 img_1030 img_1031 img_1032 img_1033 img_1035 img_1036 img_1037 img_1038 img_1039

The crabs: male’s claws are uneven … girls are more on appearances -:)

img_1071 img_1068 img_1074 img_1065

Oct 22 2016

Dr. Sun’s museum at Zhongshan 中山

Cuiheng Village, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan 528454
86 760 8550 1691
Near Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China

A prefecture-level city in the south of China hugs Zhuhai the same way Zhuhai hugs Macau. I only visit the Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen which is an hour away from the hotel, 1/3 is on the Lover’s Road. The opera house is under construction.

img_1107 img_1148

The museum is free, leaning toward on his family. I enjoyed it more than the one in Taipei: smaller and intimate.

img_0975 img_0847 img_0974 img_0960 img_0853 img_0861 img_0870 img_0921

When he passed away in 1925, she’s only 32 years old, vibrant and …

img_0889 img_0892

The museum displays the way of life during his time, and the ground, although is small but pleasant to walk around.

When Dr. Sun, the founding father of Republic of China passed away in 1925, she’s only 32 years old, vibrant and …

I enjoyed it more than the one in Taipei: this one is leaning toward on his family. The museum displays the way of life during his time, and the ground, although is small but pleasant to walk around.