Oct 23 2016

Chan Seng Kei 陈胜记

Chensheng Ji
Rua Caetano No21, Coloane / 路環市區計單奴街21號
+853 2888 2021
Macau, China

The second stop of our bike tour is at this Michelin Guide 2017 eatery. The surrounding is pretty – on the Largo Eduardo Marques square, diagonally opposite (south of) from Uni of Macao across the water, next to colorful Chapel of St. Francis; runs by 3rd generation. Their famous stewed duck with tangerine peel (chenpi duck 陳皮鴨) only serves after 6 pm, unfortunately. The veggie and squid are yummy. The coconut cost HK$50 (about US$6.45), twice as much as in New York City.

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Oct 23 2016

Lord Stow’s Bakery 安德鲁饼店

R. do Tassara, Macau
853 2888 2534
Macau, China

The very first stop of our bike tour. Established in 1989, they claim the creator of the Egg Tart now famous throughout Asia. The tarts are fine. I think anything freshly out of wok/pot/oven, in general, tastes good. There isn’t a line when we get there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have waited. It reminds me of Georgetown Cup cake bakery.

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Oct 23 2016

Biking in Coloane, Macau

São Francisco Xavier (Coloane) 聖方濟各堂區(路環)Saint Francis Xavier is south of Taipa (氹仔), with Cotai, they form the main island of Macau, China

My bike tour‘s unexpected, joyous and dangerous due to my own inability. A grad student at Uni of Macau who knew the island well takes me for a ride.

First thing first, getting the egg tart and a short hop to lunch at Chan Seng Kei at Largo Eduardo Marques square (next to the yellow chapel St. Francis).

img_1399 img_1409 img_1411 img_1412 img_1416 img_1421

The yellow facade Chapel, baroque style St. Francis is the center of the Coloane (address: Rua do Caetano, Largo Eduardo Marques, Coloane). It’s built in 1928, facing the 1910 monument commemorating the local victory over pirates on Largo Eduardo Marques and the Shisanmen Waterway. The restaurant Chan Seng Kei where we’ve lunch is to the south side of the church and Largo Eduardo Marques square.

img_1426 img_1424 img_1423 img_1422 img_1432 img_1428 img_1436 img_1439

Next stop is Kun Iam Temple Coloane (Templo de Kun Iam 路環观音古廟)

img_1442 img_1452 img_1448 img_1454

Our destination ends up at the Cheoc Van Beach (Bamboo Bay), on the South/East China Sea. It’s smaller and cleaner than the Hac Sa Beach 黑沙海灘 Baía de Hác Sá) on the east.

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Oct 23 2016

University of Macau 澳门大学

Avenida da Universidade, Taipa,
Macau, China

Part of it is in Hengqin Island, Guangdong since 2014.

img_1380 img_1382 img_1383 img_1384 img_1385  img_1494

I’ve an unplanned biking tour of the island.

Oct 23 2016

The House of Dancing Water 水舞间

Macau, China

A water stage production that runs 90 minutes at resort/casino City of Dreams (新濠天地) in Cotai, south of Coloane. I enjoyed it, in spite of a rather sad day: went to two beaches and a water show but didn’t swim! It’s just so inhumane, unthinkable. And a fall from the biking adventure just adds salt to my injury.

The A section tickets cost HK$980 (abt US$126). In the mist of watering, there’s an act of motorcycling: it fits a circus but with a water production?

img_1500 img_1521 img_1519 img_1526

Oct 19 2016

The cityscape of Macau

Macau, China

img_0012 img_0015 img_0014 img_0053 img_0050 img_0048


Oct 19 2016

Macau 澳门 in 2016

Macau, China

The SAR (region) consists of (wiki map) Macao penisular and island of islands of Taipa and Coloane (both are now connected by Cotai 路氹城, a land fill – not a landfill).

Needless to say, change is inevitable. As the local would say, since Macao is so tiny, you can’t get lost on the streets BUT you would inside the casinos. I’ll have to agree.

Oct 17 2016

An American in China

We don’t normally see them do ads in the USA but many would sell out elsewhere. Scarlett Johansson pitches for Huawei phones (in Shanghai) and Bradley Cooper who graduated from Georgetown in 1993 does Haagen Dazs ice cream (in Macau). Chinese market is increasingly important and powerful, commending the top talents. Matt Damon is starring in the Great Wall by Zhang Yimou, coming out Feb 2017. Dr. Strange has Hong Kong and Wang.

img_2087 img_2088

3:58 video for Huawei 这是由华为与好莱坞影视制作公司Wondros共同打造的国际版推广短片,背景音乐来自华为手机品牌音乐《Dream It Possible》

Oct 2 2016

Macau 澳门

The little gamblers’ heaven has become heavenlier since China took back from the Portuguese in 1999 (2 years after Hong Kong) and opened gaming, which used to be monopolized Sir Stanley Ho for 40 years, 1962-2002 (wiki).