Feb 4 2018

Gus’s World Famous Chicken

231 Peachtree Street Northwest A-05,
Atlanta, GA 30303

I don’t really like chicken, fried even less but couldn’t resist this one … will return!

I ordered spicy (not sure they’ve non spicy?) dark meat, they’re tender and yummy. Goes well with Super Bowl – oh well I’ll be in the air anyway. While waiting for the flight, I ate one – they’re for my family, the chickenheads.

P.S. even it’s a day old but my family said, “they’re good stuff … why don’t we have them in New York?”



Feb 4 2018


Sheraton Hotel, 2nd floor
165 Courtland St NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Will return, for the crab cake.

It’s inside Sheraton hotel, on second floor, overlooking the indoor pool.

The area of the hotel isn’t too good – I won’t walk there in the dark.

The grill veggies are delicious, so is the crab cake. The bar area is same size as the dinning room.


At bill time I ask the staff for a cup to take the remaining snake with me – not to waste it – can snack on the flight home… but the sweet girl returns with a full cup – this isn’t what I need or want … thanks sweetie.

Feb 4 2018


CNN began in 1980 in Atlanta by Ted Tuner. $16 guided tour, to see the CNN news. I asked the guide would Cooper Anderson still have a job after Trump is out of office. He assured me that Anderson has been here for a long time, and will be here for a long time.

The long escaltor is a bit scary.

The tour is infomative; begins with photo taking – why does the Atlanta people love selling photogrphy? … and end the tour at the gift shop – right, buying your photo shoot. Photo taking is not allowed during most of the tour.


Feb 4 2018

Civil Right, Cock, & Centennial

The area has a few point of interest: The Civil Right Museum, the Cock Cola Museum and the Centennial Olympic Park, the Children’s Museum, College Football Hall of Fame.


Feb 4 2018

The Basilica and the area

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
353 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA

A mass is going on at the church. Across street is Atlanta First United Methodicst Church – isn’t open.

Wood Fried; Sun Trust; Margaret Mitchell Square

Feb 4 2018


265 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA

Inside the Hyatt Hotel, will return.

The decor is modern, clean line, relax, friendly, a bit bisto feel. The grit is delicious, and huge, on the salty side. Bathroom is in the hotel lobby.

I didn’t try their bread but all look fresh and inviting. It’s a short hop from my hotel Aloft


Feb 4 2018

The South 下江南

A very quick tour of Huntsville (1-2) and Atlanta (2-4), during one of their coldest time: 2 degrees colder than New York on Friday, Feb 2!

Feb 3 2018

Dancing Goats Coffee & Ponce

650 North Avenue NE
(404) 874-0370

This cafe is at the Ponce Market. The coffee/bar is small, one side the the service area and the other side is full of people with their laptops; the two out door areas, one is enclosed.


The Ponce Market is  Chelsea Market of Atlanta, from old warehouse …

Feb 3 2018

Fox Theater

Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

The theater is ok. Adam Trent’s magic tricks aren’t too exciting but he performs well, and I particularly like how he ends the show: with a little personal touch – video of a 5-year old little boy (hope it’s himself) wanting to do tricks; and receiving a book of magics from his aunt at 8 …


Feb 3 2018

Botanic Garden

1345 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

The Thinker

Frogs in blue  frog and thinking, pink tree, round festoon door, … it’s pretty small, not worth the $21 admission. During the winter months, there are not much to see, thought they should reduced the fee.


Orchids and more …