Jun 20 2017


A heaven. Love it dearly.



Jun 9 2017

St Mary-le-Bow

London, EC2V 6AU, UK

This smallish church was rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1666 by Sir Christopher Wren in the City of London on the main east–west thoroughfare, Cheapside. Sir Christopher Wren was an accomplished English anatomist, astronomer, geometer, and mathematician-physicist, as well as one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history.


Jun 9 2017

British Library @ King’s Cross

96 Euston Road
London, NW1 2DB, UK

A street over from St. Pancras Renaissance hotel is the Library, a little corner to seek a refuge.

On display at the philately, there is a 24¢ inverted Jenny – is it real?


Jun 9 2017

St. Pancras

Euston Road,
London, UK

The place has metro/subway (King’s Cross), EuroStar, railway trains and the Renaissance hotel, big is an understatement.

The hotel is pretty imposing, spreading over a block. Apple is building a new store, apparently.




Jun 9 2017

Thai City Restaurant

Royley House, 110 Old St,
London, EC1V 9BD, UK

It’s cross street from LSO’s St. Luke’s, which is convenient for us. Very red. Airy. Was quiet full, on a Friday lunch.

Food and service are fine, clean bathroom. On our way out, which was end of lunch rush, a young man was laying on the bench by the door, checking his phone. Please, do it elsewhere.


Jun 9 2017

LSO St Luke’s

161 Old St,
London, EC1V 9NG, UK

London Symphony Orchestra has a beautiful side location in a renovated church – LSO St Luke’s (I thought 侧室 is a pretty appropriate for it …) It’s in the north of London. LSO uses it for rehearsals.


Jun 9 2017

Tower of London & Bridge


One of the historical royal palaces, on the River Thames.


Jun 9 2017

Ask Italian

5 George St, City Centre
Oxford OX1 2AT, U.K.

An average Italian restaurant – a casual dining chain in U.K. – few locations in London. Maybe a 3.5 rating – for the cool wine glasses. We’ve Malbec which was inexpensive and delicious.

Pleasant decor, pretty delicious food with large portion – again, I’m wondering if they’ve been Americanized – colonized -:) ha ha ha very funny Irene. I have two small plates: pawns and stuffed mushrooms. I thought each can pass on as main course.


Jun 8 2017

Vault and Garden

University Church, 1 Radcliffe Sq,
Oxford OX1 4AH, UK

5 visits – meals and tea/coffee – at this lovely cafe during my 3-day research at Bodleian library – just enjoy it that much. Convenience plays a role too. It’s inside the Oxford Uni first congregation house dating back to 1320. Comfortable inside and outside; yummy food and drinks; cheerful staff. Delicious bread; beef stew is tender and flavorful. Salmon (Lox) is fresh. Decent utensils.

The only complain is, too large a portion – have they been Americanized? Ha ha ha.

Feeling sad to have to leave … wondering if I gaze longer at Radcliffe Camera, can I finish my books sooner?


Jun 8 2017

Alternative Tuck Shop

24 Holywell Street
Oxford OX1 3SB
United Kingdom

A pleasant, tiny sandwich shop on a quiet street corner (@ Mansfield Road) in Oxford. It’s on my way to the library everyday, so I stopped by once. Although it’s cute but once is enough for me – bit too sweet. Vaults is my favorite, hands down.