Aug 17 2018

Skintight @ Roundabout Theatre

The Laura Pels Theatre
111 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

A sharp and entertaining off bway show. The Broadway show is about a middle aged daughter whose ex husband just engaged to a 20 something. Her 70 years old dad is in a relationship with 20 years old former male porn star. Her college son is obvious gay … Many laugh out moments. I can’t say that I caught every single details becasue the cast just went on and their lines were buried in our laughs. Maybe consider to wait out the audience then go on?


Aug 17 2018

Meat Market @ Times Sq

Thanks that we wear cloth, which coveres our imprefections. Since the first naked cowboy starting a few years ago, women (me too?) come in doves to stripe. And frankly, some of them are better with cloth on …

Of course, there are many other figures… from Lady Liberity, to Disney characters.


Aug 17 2018

The Lamb Club

132 W 44th Street
New York, NY

Will return.

The red color scheme reminds me a little Paris (perhaps it’s flag is half red, ha ha ha…). Genteel. A great place for a respite in the in your face Times Square.

The fried calamari is superb, with hint of spice, perfect with beer and Pinot.


Aug 17 2018

Bryant Park 2018

I am walking down on 6th Avenue toward the Bryant Park and stopped at junction of 42nd Street for triffic light, and this scene comes into my view.

I am impressed by the mingling of harmonic jungles: forest, concrete and us the human. And then I soon see the book jungles.

The courtyard at Dadong

Aug 17 2018

Astor Hall @ NYPL


Then and now photos of Astor Hall at the New York City Public Library. The inscrption reads: Named in recognition of whose generosity and devotion to this library over five generations are exemplified in our time by Brooke Russell Astor
Trustee May 18, 1978

The benefactors during 1958-68

More old photos of the library are here.

This undated photo looks very much like the genealogy room or the Irma and Paul Milstein room. The couple is credited with their support of the collections and services of the history of US, local and genealogy.


The City of New York has erected this building for the free use of all the people.

MCMX (1910?)

I look to the division of light and education as the resource most to be relied on for ameliorating the condition xx… and advancing the happiness of men.

Aug 17 2018

The mushrooms

It seems they always come in pairs.

Aug 13 2018

Manhasset, NY

This small town is on the north shore Long Island, with a population 8,080 (2010).

I frequent its movie house on Plandom Road, which is their main street. Recently, the MoviePass seems to have lots of problems – may it be on her last leg or what? Plenty showings when I check in the morning and none in the afternoon. The MoviePass agent said it fluctuate throughout the day, and they’re listening. I beg to disagree. The plan cost $10 a month and when I signed up, it’s one movie a day, and the new plan starting in September limits to 3 movies a month – looks like they’re running out of money to reimburse the theaters. How did the MoviePass get financing to begin with? I don’t see it adds anything to the movie industry.


Aug 10 2018

Taverna Kyclades

39-28 Bell Blvd,
Bayside, NY 11361

Probably won’t return – pricey for the location.

A bright (mostly white) pleasant Greek restaurant in Bayside.

We have two appetizers: mussels and octopus. The red sauce of mussels is good with feta (salt tastes good, in general), but certainly not worth $18.95. The octopus at $25, is tender and delicious, so is Moscofilero. On Vivino the GWC is 3.2 by 334 raters/drinkers, which I thought it’s pretty low. They don’t sell bottle but by glass/half carafe/full carafe. The carafe sat on our table un-chilled. I wonder how ‘full carafe’ works because it’s basically a bottle 750 ml. Or maybe the Moscofilero comes in a huge jar … in any case the bill is $78.28 which I thought is over-priced. Street parking, can be trying.


Aug 9 2018

Peter Luger Steak House

255 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY 11021

Won’t return.

Cash only, NO credit card.

I’ve been to this location a few times but was never impressed with their service. No impressed today, again.

Calling on a Thursday, asking for 1:30 but was given 1:45. Ok, they might not have enough bodies. It’s more than half empty when we got there. But have to wait till our third friend arrived before we were seated.

Then being ignored for a good 10 miniutes. I have to raise my hand to a couple of staff who were fussing with the empty table next to us, to possibly getting us menus and drinks, perhaps?

Cold breads – would be nice if they’re warm. Bathroom although clean but feels like McDonald’s or Starbucks’.

We only have rib steak, lamb chop which is a better choice than the steak; asked for mdium rare but came medium. The German potato (the founder was a German immigrant) and broccoli are ok.

A staff said it’s their tradition to accept cash. And the bill is hand written which I find quint and cute. And the chocolate, I used my calculator as not to be mistaken – they’re established in 1887, pile on 125 years that would mean 2012 – holly Molly, a well aged sweet.

Now, what do they do with all that cash?? Seriously. A sitting duck … ?


The bar is facing the enterance. Low ceiling, small, uninviting.

Aug 8 2018


By the World Financial Center (WFC).