Mar 9 2018

Mertz Library @NYBG

Mar 9 2018

The overlook @ the water fall

At the NYBG

Mar 9 2018

Tapa Italiano

2363 Arthur Ave
Bronx, NY 10458

Pretty good for a drink but I won’t return. Small, intimate. One rather spacious bathroom – in relativity to the restaurant. Looking out to Vincent’s Meat Market
The red sauce of the fried ravioli is sweet; the rest of the small plates are so so. Can you eat eggplant parm without knife? Try it …


Mar 9 2018

Pine Tree cafe

In the NYBG
Good jazz music, birds, airy, practical. We enjoy a cup of coffee here whenever we visit the botanical garden. The fire for the pizza lends warmth on a brisk day. White snow not yet melt, blue skies with some clouds, green grass, green fir trees with plenty sunshine. Just prefect.


Mar 9 2018

What’s blooming

Mar 9 2018

More orchid


Mar 9 2018

Orchid show 2018


It’s a brisk day, partly sunny partly cloudy, mostly nice and enjoyable out there. Many park goers with serious photography equipment with them. Long lenses. Big bodies. I thought of bring my little Canon but then decided against it. Regretful? A little. Really regretful? Probably not. Enjoy the moment.

.. these orchid are beautiful and some are rare but I enjoy mine just as much – actually I prefer the simple one …


Mar 9 2018

Conifer Park

Mar 8 2018

Night and Day

Another big thunder no rain situation in New York. But NJ got more than a foot of snow tho.

March 7, 5:49pm

March 8, 8:43am


Mar 6 2018

Pizza night @ Vincent’s Clam Bar

It’s my second time here, in less than a year. Good food, as usual. Totally packed on a Tuesday night. The two square ones are tastier. The Moscato is too sweet. The two huge jars, one is garlic powder and one is hot pepper flakes.

I left early without any of the desserts and coffee.