Apr 1 2020

2.8 miles of walk

Quite a few new constructions are going on. This one is at 7 Pine Tree Drive.
A tired old woman 👵 on her crutch
一用拐杖的老妇 [偷笑]


Mar 31 2020

A post office

They’re protected with a clear curved plastic. A small parcel to China cost $67.25.

Mar 31 2020

The grocers

96 Bond Street
Westbury, NY

Recently, on the face of the corona virus, many grocers in New York are offering pick up or delivery. I went to one this morning. The group was formed yesterday by a distributor. They provide a shopping list and you tick off the items and quantities. Picking it up at an allotted time with 15 min window. It suits me perfectly. I back in and the lady loaded my stuff, within 12 minutes.

Padding up my resume [偷笑]

车退进库房 … 上卸货

最近我们周围有很多好心人. 成立食品供应群. 谢谢亲 拉俺!

下单后 得到帐单和第二天去取的时间
倒车 开后车厢 上货. 唯一不方便是还不能转帐 (他们昨天才刚刚开始)要现金

这对俺 没有口罩族是非常方便

在美国扫货 口罩

Then I headed off to Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately, the outdoor line was so long, it bent over to my right, which is Old Navy.

Mar 27 2020

4.2 miles walk

Tuesday over Friday -:).  

Four of us walked on a sunny Friday, reaching 64 degrees.

Stay STRONG New York!

We’re tough and we’re strong. New Yorkers can face anything and deal with everything.


Mar 24 2020

3.4 miles walk

Still under corona virus. It’s sunny day and many gardeners come out to start their season. Six of us walked.

Mar 23 2020

A short walk on a rainy day

Still under corona virus threat. I walked 1.5 miles alone but was surrounded with many beautiful magnolias.

Mar 19 2020

2.7 miles walk

Magnolia, my fave

It’s still under corona virus threat but the eight New Yorker  walked nearly three miles. Way to GO NY!

Some gardeners are working. The dirt they dogged up and out, give a strong fragrant, that put me at ease. The great earth.

Mar 8 2020


2 S Station Plaza,
Great Neck, NY 11021

A pleasant cafe next to the train station, good spot for a neighborly gathering. Before Crawfords, it was a Caffe Bene. It’s a day that we switch to Daylight saving time, the moon is clearly seen at 6:56pm.

Feb 28 2020

The Barenboims

Carnegie Hall

Zankel Hall is smaller which I prefer. Sitting in the back, P18, I hear the subway rambling all the time – no vibration tho, (last time we sat on the front row, heard nothing.) and people in and out rather frequently. Four pieces by West-Eastern Divan Ensemble is led by Michael, the son:

  1. SCHUBERT Rondo in A Major for Violin and Strings, D. 438
  2. BENJAMIN ATTAHIR Jawb (NY Premiere)
  3. TARTINI Devil’s Trill Sonata
  4. MENDELSSOHN Octet in E-flat Major

West-Eastern Divan Ensemble is an orchestra based in Seville, Spain (wiki‘s photo). It was founded in 1999 by Daniel Barenboim, Michael’s father and Edward W. Said, a Palestinian American (1935 Jerusalem – 2003 NYC) who was a literature prof at Columbia University and an accomplished pianist.

one of my most faved CDs

Daniel Barenboim (1942 -) is a man with many hats and stories. He was born to Argentinian-Jewish parents in Buenos Aires, and has citizenships of Israel and Spain. He began his piano lesson at five with his father and played for Wilhelm Furtwängler. Married his first wife Jacqueline du Pré (1945-87; retired in 1973) in 1967, he and Michael’s mother, a Russian pianist Elena Bashkirova (1958 Moscow -) married in 1988, the year after Jacqueline passed away to multiple sclerosis, although they’ve been living together in Paris for a while: David Arthur Barenboim was born in 1982 and Michael 1985.

One other side of Daniel is his political activities, a strong supporter of Palestinian rights. The West-Eastern Divan Ensemble is his testament, to unit people, around Mid East (Arabs, Israeli, Palestinian, etc.) with music. His decision to play Wagner in Jerusalem in the summer of 2001, was one of his believe, music connects, and heals.

This pair of kids behave nicely. 

This ticket was a comp for the
Beethoven’s 6th and 7th last Sunday. The lady sat next to me is one of the new docents (tour guide) who lives in Queens, which corrects my thinking that the volunteers (mostly women) to these big organization live in Manhattan. She said her friend refused to come because the grudge she held against Daniel … “he took up with another woman while still married (to Jacqueline du Pré).” For the record, this is his son’s concert; and secondly, didn’t Jacqueline have extra marital affair?

In honor of the centenary of his birth, Carnegie Hall’s 2019–2020 season is dedicated to the memory of Isaac Stern in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to Carnegie Hall, arts advocacy, and the field of music.

As a matter of fact, Stern’s two sons, Michael (1959 – ) and David from his second marriage are conductors, the daughter Shira is a rabbi.  Lately, I saw a couple of sons under famous fathers in concerts: the Solzhenitsyns.

Friday night actions @ Times Square, includes a horse.

Feb 28 2020

Rider @ Times Square & more

A cop rides high on her horse on 7th Avenue around Times Square: near Winter Garden and passing by the tkts.

More actions by the Home Boys who Jump: shirtless in 46 degrees (3) before my concert @ Carnegie Hall … and

… after my concert, they were still at it: jumps over a little boy. I’ve seen them before at Central Park too.