Oct 9 2020

Breezy Island

At the Bayard Cutting Arboretum.


Oct 9 2020

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

This is a state park and is on my fave list. My nick name for it is bench park for many endowed benches scattered around the water. Breezy Island is lovely.

The Hidden Oak Cafe is not ‘go as you will’ because of her popularity: there is a line even at 2:35. Ok, it’s a gorgeous Friday … I thought we could have coffee there after lunch, looking out to the expansive lawn and the Connetquot River.


Some scenes at the park

… and a few photos


Afterward, we visited Captree State Park and Fire Island Lighthouse.

Oct 9 2020

Fire Island Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a little hike from the parking lot but is easy. More info on the Island.


The sunset is lovely

After the sunset, we saw two deers – they use them to control ticks.

Oct 1 2020

The sunset and the moonrise

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节快乐 🎑. How many moon cakes did you eat, for the month?

Today the sun set at 6:36 and the full moon set at 5:05pm in New York. We stayed in the park as late as we could – till the ranger came.

Sep 30 2020

The eve of the Big Moon

The Mid Autumn Festive is next door, coincide with China’s National Day. Double happiness. After tennis, I went to catch some sunset.

Under the setting sun, the gazebo looks gorgeous


By 6, the tide is low

Sep 25 2020

Greens and flowers

The color of autumn … foliage is coming soon to this park.


Sep 25 2020

A sun set in the autumn

Another nice sunset at the park. One of the many tress has turned some color … foliage is coming.

Sep 20 2020


The half staff in the park is for Supreme Court justice RBG who passed away yesterday. RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. … and a lady bug.

Sep 14 2020

Symbiotic @ Sunken Meadow

after the Labor Day … I’ve to say that the Sunken Meadow state park is one of my favorite. We did golf and swim.

… and more pix



Sep 8 2020

Sunken Meadow state park, 2020

A nice day out at Sunken Meadow, watching the sunset. But someone played music loudly.


… and some pix:

… and the sun set 29 seconds long