May 7 2009

Check list

Ticket – very funny
Map, tour book
Books to read
Shampoo, conditioner, lotion
Nail clipper
Toothbrush/paste, dental floss, Listerine
Summer clothes, water proof windbreaker. A foldable umbrella is useful.
A visor, a hat, sun block oil if you do not like to get a tan.
Old sneakers: some places are muddy and sandy.
Tennis racket, swimming gears.
Your favorite shampoo, soap.
Medicine. There are many pharmacies but .. ..
Mosquito repellent like “Off” there. Please bring your favorite mosquito bite ointment.

Passport and driver’s license: Bring both.

May 7 2009

Maps of Nicaragua

3 maps


map of nica


May 6 2009

My Nica trip


Check list




Favored pix


The US$5 instant visa at the Managua airport in Nicaragua.

No need to apply for a visa prior to departure for the Yankees. … Well, most Americans find visa a foreign concept: one group doesn’t care to have a passport and the other type who possesses a passport but got spoiled by the fact that Americans could travel to most countries without a visa. Hmmmmm … probably not as many as a Swiss?

The Ocean Six

the Ocean Six

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May 6 2009

A six-day itinerary

The actual itinerary:

Day 1: Miami Beach’s Flamingo Park, South Beach; Managua airport

Day 2: Tennis; Masaya Market; Volcano; La Isleta de Phoebe

Day 3: sun rises; Prof Kamijo’s property; Iguana Beach; San Juan del Sur

Day 4: San Juan de Oriente; City tour of Managua; Danced;

Day 5: Montelimar resort

Day 6: Norome Resort, Laguna de Apoyo basin; Jim’s house.

The planned trip:

We will take the 6am flight on May 16 from LGA to MIA. The waiting time between flights is 4 hours. Being tennis enthusiasts, we will find a tennis court nearby to play for a couple of hours before heading back to the airport. Upon arrival, we will immediately go sightseeing. The first stop is Masaya volcano and the Masaya handicraft market. Guys can buy leather shoes and belts. Irene can shop for her favorite wooden products. We will stay in Casa Apoyo.

On Sunday morning, we will play some tennis in the Jockey Club provided that my friend Brad is free to bring us in. In the afternoon we will go to the basin of Laguna de Apoyo (a volcano crater lake). My friend Jim owns a property with a private beach. There is a shower facility nearby. Founded in 1524, Granada enjoys the distinction of being the oldest colonial city in the Americas. We will visit downtown Granada.

In the evening, we will watch sunset at La Isleta de Phoebe. There are 365 islands in a big Lake called Lake Nicaragua. Larry will bring fish pole. I wonder if we will have guapote (a delicious fish local to the lake) for dinner.

My Japanese employee (the care taker of her house) Kamijo and his family will prepare breakfasts and dinners for us. We will have lunch outside.

On Monday, a tourist guide Juan Pablo will come to our van to give us a 2 day tour. He will take us to our familiar Pacific Ocean about 1.5 hours drive away. For those of us who are from Asia, we have an unseparated feelings towards the Pacific Ocean. We will try to charter a boat to go out to some where we can fish, swim, and snorkel. I was told that we do not need a license to do sport fishing. License is only required for fishing by a net. Juan will stay with us overnight.

On Tuesday, Juan will give us a city tour of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, and the surrounding area. He will take us to another market. Simon can compare his handbags with the local handbags made of leather or crocodile skin.

On Wed, we will go to Montelimar ourselves for the day. It is a resort which we pay a fee to use the facilities there. It includes some meals and the use of the beach, tennis courts, and the biggest swimming pool in Central America.

May 6 2009

FAQs for Nica

Weather: Average Low 75 / High 96. There are only 2 seasons: Dry and Rain seasons. May is the beginning of the rain season. You will still see more sun than you wanted.

– water proof windbreaker. A foldable umbrella is useful.
– a visor, a hat, sun block oil if you do not like to get a tan.
– old sneakers: some places are muddy and sandy.
– your medicine. There are many pharmacies but ..
– mosquito repellent, mosquito bite ointment.

Passport and driver’s license: Bring both. My friend lost her passport during the Nica trip with me. She found out on the date of our departure. She had to stay behind for 2 more days to get the passport reissued at the US Consulate in Managua. Luckily she had her driver’s license with her. Otherwise it would take longer.

Driving direction is the same as the US. US driver’s license is enough for driving in Nica.

Voltage for electrical appliance is the same as that in the US: 110V.

Currency: Nicaragua Cordoba (NIO). USD 1 = NIO 20

Bring USD bills with no marks and not too wrinkle. We exchange on the streets. Most businesses accept USD.