May 18 2017

Xiao Pangu in spring

In Yangzhou, Jiangsu province; taken by a relative


Mar 20 2017

Ssam Korean BBQ

1040 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006

You come here to eat, with gusto. Authentic and down to earth atmosphere (no frill). Friendly and energetic young male waiting staff. The parking lot is small and can get busy easily. Another name for this restaurant is veggie wrap: aside from the usual romaine and lettuce, they offer mint (so large and round, very pretty), rice flour sheets, seaweed and even parsley, pretty neat. It’s my first time to eat white/colorless kimchi. They also offer the egg pot and kimchi pot are on the house. I’ll return.


Feb 19 2017

Potala Palace in Lhasa 布达拉宫内部详照

Someone posted these photos of this remarkable palace in Tibet in this blog hereWiki here.


Feb 13 2017

Haihe 海河

Wiki says the Hai River, formerly known as the Peiho or Pei Ho, is a Chinese river connecting Beijing to Tianjin and the Bohai Sea. Oddly, neither zh wiki or Baidu mentioned this fact at all. Perhaps PeiHo was only used in English at the time? This would be my guess. Astor Hotel/House seems to be the photo to illustrate.

Oct 24 2016

Jiuzhou Port 九洲港

599, Qing Lv Nan Lu,
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

It opened in 1986, with limited routes, to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. I walked by it the other day from the hotel in the morning. It looks untidy but walking toward south, it becomes scenic.

img_1304 img_1306 img_1307 img_1308

Inside, the station is spacious and modern, given the geo location. ¥290 ticket to Hong Kong airport. Each passenger gets 20 kg check in luggage allowance. Each additional luggage cost ¥4 per kilogram. I end up paying ¥48 for two small luggage. The  is allowed in the waiting area after the immigration.

img_1792 img_1790 img_1811 img_1801

There are shops, as well as real estate agents. 翠湖香山 Lakewood Hills is one of a few. The bored looking agent said, the apartment/villa costs ¥10,000,000+ 1千多万 on 260 sq meter area. ¥200,000 in real estate tax (once). For golf, 高尔夫 membership it’s ¥400,000 for life/终身; only paying cart and caddy each time plays 每次打 交车费 球童费.

Departing from the port, passing by the hotel, we sail on the south side of the bridge, and break away at 30 minutes mark.

img_1825 img_1843 img_1845 img_1844img_1854


Oct 24 2016

The New Yuan Ming Palace 圆明新园

Xiangzhou Qu, Lanpu Rd, 圆明新园 邮政编码: 519000
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

A theme park built on the same size of land of Yuanmingyuan that was burned down in 1860 by the Brits and French. Maybe I grew up in Beijing and used to the ruins, this newly built park (2012; free 9am – 6pm) doesn’t do any magic for me. However, jogging is pretty good there. I didn’t go to any of the performances.

img_1752 img_1765 img_1764 img_1763 img_1761 img_1760 img_1756 img_1768



Oct 24 2016

A mean girl

A little episode on the HKG-JFK leg. Soon after taking off, dinner is served. The seat of 31C is spreader out. When the staff asks her to uplift the back (of her seat) so Lady 32C can possibly consume her dinner. However, 31C made NO MOVE at all. The flight attendant Mikki begins to help 31C to push the seat back up. This is when hell breaks out: 31C complains, complains and complains, to a point Gentleman 33C got up and says to teary Mikki “you did the right thing.”

I’m appreciative and satisfy of the service Cathay Pacific has been maintaining over the years. evian water, good food. Bailey’s … plenty healthy snacks. Not sure what the heck 31C has to complain about. Btw, our captain is a girl!!!

Mikki comes by before breakfast – toward end of the flight, asks me to write a comment, which I gladly obliged. Unreasonable customer is unavoidable.

img_1879 img_1880


Oct 24 2016

Homestead of Chen Fang 陈芳

Meixi Villiage, Qianshan Block, Xiangzhou District
Zhuhai, 519080 GuangdongChina

The former home of Chun Afong (1825 -1906) 字国芬, a successful Chinese Hawaiian businessmen. It’s being preserved and renovated.

img_1657 img_1652 img_1649 img_1665 img_1667 img_1647 img_1679 img_1680 img_1732 img_1726

After the visit, we pass by Zhuhai Girls’ Middle School (all girls 珠海女子中学; zh wiki; baidu). The tall white building looks rather western. When I google it, some does comment that it looks aristocrat.


Oct 23 2016

Chan Seng Kei 陈胜记

Chensheng Ji
Rua Caetano No21, Coloane / 路環市區計單奴街21號
+853 2888 2021
Macau, China

The second stop of our bike tour is at this Michelin Guide 2017 eatery. The surrounding is pretty – on the Largo Eduardo Marques square, diagonally opposite (south of) from Uni of Macao across the water, next to colorful Chapel of St. Francis; runs by 3rd generation. Their famous stewed duck with tangerine peel (chenpi duck 陳皮鴨) only serves after 6 pm, unfortunately. The veggie and squid are yummy. The coconut cost HK$50 (about US$6.45), twice as much as in New York City.

img_1430 img_1431 img_1421 img_1420 img_1419 img_1417

Oct 23 2016

Lord Stow’s Bakery 安德鲁饼店

R. do Tassara, Macau
853 2888 2534
Macau, China

The very first stop of our bike tour. Established in 1989, they claim the creator of the Egg Tart now famous throughout Asia. The tarts are fine. I think anything freshly out of wok/pot/oven, in general, tastes good. There isn’t a line when we get there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have waited. It reminds me of Georgetown Cup cake bakery.

img_1396 img_1408 img_1407 img_1406 img_1405 img_1404 img_1401 img_1400 img_1399 img_1397