Mar 26 2020

An old house in Shanghai

3 Baoqing Road 宝庆路3号
Shanghai, China

According to the post, this is one of ten old luxury houses in Shanghai 榜上有名的豪宅约有十幢, and there are 3,000 (short for yangfang 独立花园洋房.) The following photos are taken by Hu Ping.

It’s the Shanghai Symphony Museum now 上海交响音乐博物馆. Aunt Jennie started her career at Shanghai Symphony, spending four years there (1956-60) before moving to the Central Philharmonic 中央乐团 (CNSO since 1996). The exhibits in the museum are from the Symphony and Shanghai Conservatory of Music 藏品主要来自上海交响乐团和上海音乐学院. The restoration of the property was rather decent, except the fire place.


Jan 10 2020

Xiaopangu in 2019

Little Pangu Garden.


Jan 8 2020

The temple in 2020

The architectural concept, blueprint and the actual photo of the Liu Temple. They’ve celebration on Oct 4, 2019.

Is the stage too high?

Nov 2 2019

Wine in China, 2019


The quality of western wine in China is visibly better this time. But the labels are still being wrapped …

Tangshan Chile Kenos from Central Valley: Chardonnay (2016; 4.0) and Tempranillo (2017; 3.6). Both have ratings (based on all vintages ) on vivino but no price.


Chongqing – didn’t try. Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 is $6.99 but it’s ¥268 in the shop, which is about $38. Mondavi 50th Anniversary Cab 2014 is $28 in US but costs ¥698 which is about $100.

Nov 2 2019

Bye, Beijing

It seems that I haven’t been to Beijing airport for a while: you go through security check first: they’re right up front, in your face. Since I’ve a few pieces, a young man mentioned to me to just go ahead. When I hesitate, he became rather unpleasant. Oh well.

Once inside, I immediately saw the vantage point of Forbidden City, which I just went two night before.

What interesting, I ran into the same flight attendant on my Pei-Sea, who was on my JFK-Sea too. Oh well.

Nov 1 2019

WanAn Cemetery 万安公墓

Hanhe Rd, Haidian District,
Beijing, China

There is a subway (Metro) station cross the street; the parking is ¥10. The Hanhe Road 旱河路 is filled with touring buses on either side, which are for Xiangshan Fragrant Hills (香山). The foliage is pretty … however, crowds would make me think twice.

This is well kept cemetery, in recent years.

Many Chinese, especially the artists, are fond of using the  ‘old fashioned’ way 甲子 to express years…
己夘, 是己卯过去的一种写法 or a type?
辛巳年: 1941, 2001 …
壬午年: 1942, 2002 …
己未年: 1919, 1979 …
The problem I see is, not everyone is capable of using it. This small headstone has two mistakes. 壬午 (1942) should have been 辛巳 (1941) and 己未 (1919, 1979 …) is too wild to guess because the person died in 1954 which was 甲午, as was the first Sino-Japan War, which was in 1894.

Oct 30 2019

Tianjin Bank 天津官银号

Dongmalu (East Road), Nankai

A woman dances to the music alone. More dancers nearby.

Tianjin Official Bank was created at the beginning of the twentieth century by Zhou Xuexi, to compete with the foreign financial institutions. It was located at northeast corner of the old town (zh wiki北马路东端南侧三义庙处), and opened for business in 1902, changed name to Zhili Bank 直隶省银行 in 1913; closed in 1928 and the building was ruined. After 1949, Bank of China used its site. In 2004, the current replica was built next to TJ Ancient Cultural Street (古文化街) on Huanghe Road, in Nankai district. There are many traffic police stations in the city.


It doesn’t seem to have an exact address but is in the corner of Dongmalu (East Road) and Beimalu (North Road). The original location of the Bank is the corner across street – the corner of Tianlong Building天隆大厦那个角. My next stop was the General Mint.

The following is from on 2011.1.02:







Oct 30 2019

Huaxin Street 华新街

After the Mint, we went eastward on the Shuichan Front Street 水产前街 and stopped at the junction of Huaxin St, which is named after Zhou Xuexi’s Huaxin Textile Factory in the area. 

A few minutes walk up north is 宁园 Ningyuan Park (also called Beining Park 北宁公园). The site of the park was the former Plantation of the late Qing Dynasty which was established by Zhou Xuexi in 1906.  

Oct 30 2019

Changde Dao in 2019

21 Changde Dao
Tianjin, China

We jumped from Zhou Xuexi’s former residence to my former residence – well, I called it home for a couple of years, after the lunch. It’s a short walk, southwest 900 meters away.


Chongqing Dao and the neighborhood of Five Great Avenues 天津五大道…

Oct 30 2019

Yue Yuan Beer House 粤园

3 Aomen Rd, Heping, 澳门路3号
Tianjin, China

Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s a Thai restaurant. Cozy and pretty cute. We had lunch there when visiting Zhou’s former residence – which is on the ground floor of the building. The food n service are ok, above average.