Mar 5 2019

NYSE 纽约证券交易所

11 Wall Street
New York, NY

New York Stock Exchange used to be my faved place to go and to show my out of town family members and friends. But since 9/11 it closed to the public. I’d been there a few time since but were not on the trading floor. Tonight, it IS a treat.

Happy the year of the Pig.  Wishing all a very happy new year and invest wisely.

It’s a spectacular day, amid the white snow – since when the clean becomes so clean?

The neighborhood of downtown is changing. The street parking fm 6:26 to 9:26 is $13.50 – free after 10pm.


Jan 30 2019

Boulud Sud

20 W 64th St,
New York, NY 10023

Before Ax’s concert, we dined. Very delicious food (big portion) with nice presentation, so is the service, just right. Our waitstaff has a trainee follows her around. The single dinning hall is bit jammed tho. The freebie sweet – sesame square reminds me of the candy we had when I was little in Beijing.

Bathroom. My friend went to downstair who has no complain but I went to the one on the same floor and it smells so bad – like the gas station bathroom. Pls keep it clean …

Jan 30 2019

Emanuel Ax @ Lincoln Center

Ax has been a long time accompanist to Yoyo Ma. Now seems he’s striking out on his own more. We love him the same. He walks slowly on the stage @ David Geffen Hall, and looks older than his ad photo … same as Radu Lupu & András Schiff, ha ha ha. Dinner at Boulud Sud is very good.

Regarding the look of the male musicians, Hindman wrote in her memoir “There he is, Itzhak Perlman, looking older than the photographs on your CD jackets.” -:)

Jan 8 2019

MoCA Asian Bistro

107-18 70th Rd,
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Probably will return. More of 3.5.

It’s on the one way street between the Queens Blvd and Austin Street, that filled with restaurants: Aged, Cabana, Narita etc but I like this one the most. Tastefully decorated with different seating arrangements, divided by the lattice screen doors.

Ok service – our waiter clearly doesn’t know how to serve wine, and never refill. They list a ‘Sterling Vintner’s Collection’ with a price. Since I like Sterling, their various wines are dependable. But the waiter brought Sterling Merlot, and insisted that it’s the merlot I ordered. Whatever.

Their food are delicious and nicely presented. The edamame could use some trimming.

Not crazy about their short disposable chopsticks, feels like eating a $5.99 takeout dinner.

Street parking is challenging.


Dec 11 2018

Grand Centeal

I haven’t been there for a long time. One turn I face the Apple sign.
“Oh how long have you been here?” I asked.

“6 or 7 years?” The Apple employee said.

Holy moly. That long?

Anyway, the terminal, as well as Jobs’ shop look great, especially during the holidays.


Dec 11 2018

Low & Butler libraryies

This was built in memory of AA Low, by his son Seth Low at Columbia University, when Seth was the president. A few decades later, the university had Butler built as their main library, across courtyard.


The Butler


Dec 8 2018


218 35th St
New Yor

3.5 I think … probably will return.

Pleasant. Airy. Light. On the 5th floor of a hotel.

Cute water glass. Decent food – but the Chechen wings are quite huge – like whole chicken – ok this is a little exaggerated bec I’ve seen bigger wings. The K-town wings are on the sweet side, very dry.

Latte is good.

Good service. Good place for watching sports.


the hotel lobby

Dec 1 2018

Hell Kitchen Flea Market

This one is much smaller than the Chelsea’s. Cigar boxes … Murano glasses (are they real??) …a Believe pendant – same as on the Macy’s

Dec 1 2018

Queuing up

… to get into the New York City public library. I complained. The tourists should stay away fm my library … so a friend kindly kid me: “Irene, did they say stay away from my country?”
Ehrrr … you got a point …
But, that doesn’t stop me from complaining -:)

周末一笑 和几个美国人吃饭 俺吐苦水 – 游客来我们的图书馆干什么呀?挤死了. 请不要来!
现在图书馆请个专人把门 “游客止步” 我们看书的空间.
其中一人戏称 “人家有没有说不要来俺的国家?”
不经大脑 哈哈哈
还是会抗议滴 …

Dec 1 2018

The street scenes

Macy’s Believe; Hudson Yards @ 8th Avenue; Lord & Taylord; Tao at Chlesea Market; a graffitti @ Gotham Pizza; Google; Empire State Building; Flatiron Building; 620 and 675 6th Avenue; Madison Square Park …