Mar 9 2018

Mertz Library @NYBG

Mar 9 2018

The overlook @ the water fall

At the NYBG

Mar 9 2018

Tapa Italiano

2363 Arthur Ave
Bronx, NY 10458

Pretty good for a drink but I won’t return. Small, intimate. One rather spacious bathroom – in relativity to the restaurant. Looking out to Vincent’s Meat Market
The red sauce of the fried ravioli is sweet; the rest of the small plates are so so. Can you eat eggplant parm without knife? Try it …


Mar 9 2018

Pine Tree cafe

In the NYBG
Good jazz music, birds, airy, practical. We enjoy a cup of coffee here whenever we visit the botanical garden. The fire for the pizza lends warmth on a brisk day. White snow not yet melt, blue skies with some clouds, green grass, green fir trees with plenty sunshine. Just prefect.


Mar 9 2018

What’s blooming

Mar 9 2018

More orchid


Mar 9 2018

Orchid show 2018


It’s a brisk day, partly sunny partly cloudy, mostly nice and enjoyable out there. Many park goers with serious photography equipment with them. Long lenses. Big bodies. I thought of bring my little Canon but then decided against it. Regretful? A little. Really regretful? Probably not. Enjoy the moment.

.. these orchid are beautiful and some are rare but I enjoy mine just as much – actually I prefer the simple one …


Mar 9 2018

Conifer Park

Jan 13 2018

Briciola, a wine bar

370 W 51st St
New York, NY 10019

Probably won’t return: food is so so and I need to lose weight and I don’t know how. This is how a country hicky goes to town -:) Very tight space on stools – the space won’t allow chairs. I was told, it was not a busy night – the kitchen staff have time with their phones.

Delicious wines: Super Tuscan and Pinot Nero, Chianti is lesser of the three but passable.

Decor: quite nice, exposed brick walls, woods, but the two white tile counters are hard on the eyes. And the surface isn’t completely flat which worries me the entire time that my glass is going to slip and fall. Nice stems, tho.

Now, food. Sardine in Saor – sardine on top of Polenta – I don’t the mesh – anchovy maybe. It reminds me the story way back during President Bush the kid time – the Hainan Island Incident: an US spy plane after collided with a one of Chinese planes. The Chinese pilot died (it didn’t have a parachute!) The Americans followed the other Chinese plane and forced to land in China. Make the story short, the local delicacy is fish head. And the army treated the self invited spies the fish head. I couldn’t remember which news outlet reported this but the didihead didn’t bother to do a little research and wrote that the spies were treated pretty badly, with only some fish heads. Hello… Oh well. For a person who loves fish and fish head, I didn’t like this one. Kind of yucky.

One bathroom – which can take time to get in.

Sep 22 2017

Kaia Wine Bar

1614 3rd Ave
New York

Love the duca and 98 years old Glenstove cook top and food warmer. Will return to this South African bar.
The elk meat is tender. The house wine are good esp the white. The only complain I’ve is the bread is too sweet. Good service. The bar looks bit thin. One hour street parking free after 7pm.