May 20 2020

Flowers and plants

Seeing them grow is one of the joys accompanying our walks during the corona virus.


Feb 28 2020

The Barenboims

Carnegie Hall

Zankel Hall is smaller which I prefer. Sitting in the back, P18, I hear the subway rambling all the time – no vibration tho, (last time we sat on the front row, heard nothing.) and people in and out rather frequently. Four pieces by West-Eastern Divan Ensemble is led by Michael, the son:

  1. SCHUBERT Rondo in A Major for Violin and Strings, D. 438
  2. BENJAMIN ATTAHIR Jawb (NY Premiere)
  3. TARTINI Devil’s Trill Sonata
  4. MENDELSSOHN Octet in E-flat Major

West-Eastern Divan Ensemble is an orchestra based in Seville, Spain (wiki‘s photo). It was founded in 1999 by Daniel Barenboim, Michael’s father and Edward W. Said, a Palestinian American (1935 Jerusalem – 2003 NYC) who was a literature prof at Columbia University and an accomplished pianist.

one of my most faved CDs

Daniel Barenboim (1942 -) is a man with many hats and stories. He was born to Argentinian-Jewish parents in Buenos Aires, and has citizenships of Israel and Spain. He began his piano lesson at five with his father and played for Wilhelm Furtwängler. Married his first wife Jacqueline du Pré (1945-87; retired in 1973) in 1967, he and Michael’s mother, a Russian pianist Elena Bashkirova (1958 Moscow -) married in 1988, the year after Jacqueline passed away to multiple sclerosis, although they’ve been living together in Paris for a while: David Arthur Barenboim was born in 1982 and Michael 1985.

One other side of Daniel is his political activities, a strong supporter of Palestinian rights. The West-Eastern Divan Ensemble is his testament, to unit people, around Mid East (Arabs, Israeli, Palestinian, etc.) with music. His decision to play Wagner in Jerusalem in the summer of 2001, was one of his believe, music connects, and heals.

This pair of kids behave nicely. 

This ticket was a comp for the
Beethoven’s 6th and 7th last Sunday. The lady sat next to me is one of the new docents (tour guide) who lives in Queens, which corrects my thinking that the volunteers (mostly women) to these big organization live in Manhattan. She said her friend refused to come because the grudge she held against Daniel … “he took up with another woman while still married (to Jacqueline du Pré).” For the record, this is his son’s concert; and secondly, didn’t Jacqueline have extra marital affair?

In honor of the centenary of his birth, Carnegie Hall’s 2019–2020 season is dedicated to the memory of Isaac Stern in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to Carnegie Hall, arts advocacy, and the field of music.

As a matter of fact, Stern’s two sons, Michael (1959 – ) and David from his second marriage are conductors, the daughter Shira is a rabbi.  Lately, I saw a couple of sons under famous fathers in concerts: the Solzhenitsyns.

Friday night actions @ Times Square, includes a horse.

Feb 28 2020

Rider @ Times Square & more

A cop rides high on her horse on 7th Avenue around Times Square: near Winter Garden and passing by the tkts.

More actions by the Home Boys who Jump: shirtless in 46 degrees (3) before my concert @ Carnegie Hall … and

… after my concert, they were still at it: jumps over a little boy. I’ve seen them before at Central Park too.


Feb 25 2020

Queens Museum

New York City Building,
Corona, NY 11368


Feb 23 2020

Beethoven’s 6th & 7th

Carnegie Hall, New York

Many people say his odd numbered symphonies are better than the even numbered. However, pastoral is my favored since day one. Oddly enough one of my dream trips was playing the 6th on a drive in a Jaguar from Paris to Bordeaux.

This ORR (Orchestra Revolutionnaire et Romantique) sucks. French horn is known to be difficult to operate but flute is relative easy but this time, sour notes are produced by the flute.
Every time I left, would think, gosh this is my late time (think of thick paints … how many layers by now?) … But with weak self control, especially seeing the full cycle of Beethoven’s nine symphonies, couldn’t help but return.

During the intermission, two Asian families came. One sat behind me with two disruptive toddlers who whined and kicked. The other to my left, a girl about ten who flipped her book very loud. The management said, they can NOT refuse anyone to come, even it’s an infant. NYC owns the building. Oh boy. My comp concert the following week.

It’s a full house and the audience gave them a warm applause at the end – I’m wondering what’s the percentage here is for the composer.
ORR’s play wasn’t too clean.

贝爷多芬的六和七 好点没得比
明天是 八和九

每当我离开卡内基音乐厅时,都会想,这真是我最后一次了. 但是自我控制能力很弱,尤其是看到贝多芬的九首交响曲 忍不住回来了.

Feb 20 2020

Beethoven’s 2nd and 3rd

Carnegie Hall, New York

This year marks Beethoven’s 250th birth and celebration is obvious – Mutter in January. Carnegie Hall put up his nine symphonies, by Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique. It’s founded by the conductor John Eliot Gardiner in 1989. The quality is so so: sour notes by the French horns (and again two days later…). However, the full house gave them a warm applause at the end. The violists stood to play the Third.


今年是贝爷爷的250岁诞辰纪念. 英国的革命浪漫乐团在卡内基 演出贝爷的全套交响乐指挥 加德纳爵士 大腹便便的走出来 + 法国小号走音 (糟糕 又说人家坏话了…) 还是说🎵吧
空气 水 贝爷的音乐 人的基本生存环境
老贝的第三 “英雄” 是阳光 ☀️

要不Red Star Over China 咱们毛主席…
提起 “革命” 很多人最先想到的是法国革命 (拿破仑上位) 然后是美国革命 (华盛顿登基) 血淋淋的. 要不然就是英国的工业革命 风调雨顺的就搞定了
咱们的 不能说不能写的 加之太多 数不过来 就不说了

☀️周末快乐 😊

Feb 20 2020


944 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019

Two oldies in a young bar

A nice wine bar near Carnegie Hall. Since our concert was at 8 so when we walked in, it’s after work crowds and very noisy.

Service is quick and to the point. The few items we ordered are really good. I tried their house wine: Red Diamond Cab Sauv and Proverb Sauvignon Blanc (?) both are pretty decent and will have it again.

Feb 15 2020

Project 19

Lincoln Center

2020 is the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment when women’s suffrage was granted. It’s also the 200th birth of Susan B. Anthony, the women’s right advocate. So Lincoln Center assembles Project 19, showcases 19 women composers. Tonight’s program

  1. Brahms’ violin concerto XS
  2. Tania León’s Stride
  3. Strauss’ Der Rosenkavlier Suite

Janine Jansen’s long arms and big movements remind me of Robert McDuffie. León was one of the refugees to Miami from Casto’s Cube in 1967. People often says, good system turns a bad person into good …

妇女能顶半边天 [愉快]
第十九修正案 (女性投票)百年纪念
苏珊·安东尼 200年生辰

勃拉姆斯的小提琴协奏曲 [强][玫瑰]. 不过🎻 Janine Jansen 的绿窗帘不敢恭维 (俺够讨厌的). 个子高 胳膊长的多余. 台风和Robert McDuffie 相似 – 功夫巨星.

下半场有一曲来自女作曲家Tania Leon. 她的🎵不是我的口味 但是她的身世有趣:她是1967年卡斯特罗不要的那些“低端”古巴人 被踢到到迈亚密找生活…一提起那段难民潮 可能说的最多的就是 好的制度能把坏人变好人 … [闭嘴]

The Times Square is lively as usual. Passing by Penguin Random House @ 1745 Broadway, couldn’t help but take a photo.

Feb 15 2020

Crowded, as usual

A day after Valentine’s Day, and in the midst of coronavirus, Times Square is filled with people.

Jan 30 2020

Anne-Sophie Mutter 穆特

Carnegie Hall
57th St @ 7th Ave
New York

Mutter kick starts the Beethoven 250th birth celebration – at least for me – with an all-Beethoven program. It’s a wonderful performance and she gave two encores at the end, easily.


The seating at Carnegie isn’t the best because the upper levels are very steep.

Passing by Times Square, the giant display of Be Strong China, due to the coronavirus that is ravaging Wuhan and the rest of the nation. Be strong and good luck.