Jun 15 2019


1414 6th Avenue
New York, 10019

Will return.

I like their decorations: high ceiling,  exposed brick walls. And the plant (cactus?) grows on a plate – they spray them twice a week.

Decent service. Nice bar. Nothing to complain about.

I’ve the smoked tofu which is yummy but light on salt. Maybe bit more kale? Ha ha ha.

We sat inside. I just couldn’t place myself as the vacuum on a street, not to mention it’s busy. ~ The music is loud.


Jun 15 2019

The Apple in the Big Apple

I passed by this Apple store all the time and went in a few times in the past. Recently I noticed it’s under renovation (since 2017); and not sure what will become of it when the work is done. Crossing fingers.

Since I’ve visited two in Paris a couple of weeks ago, so I stopped by this one today after Central Park stroll.

This photo was taken by NYMag on September 19 in 2014 at this location, recorded the iPhone 6 ipo – many Asians could be seen in the photo.

SoHo was their first; their 4th store in New York (279th in total) near Lincoln Center on Broadway was opened on 2009.11.14.


Jun 15 2019

Central Park by 59th St

I don’t go to this section of the Park often, and am surprised at the tranquility I felt, in spite of traffic noises from 59th Street, and you can picnicJam’s is a stone throw away.


Jun 15 2019

Characters @ Times Square

Times Square is always filled with all kinds of people … A few girls are passing out musical Waitress booklets …


Jun 15 2019

Human Connection Arts in NYC

HCA is organizing a body painting event at the Times Square. The naked cowboy has disappeared .. This person in green captures most attention.


Apr 23 2019

A squirrel

In the Central Park on a spring day, isn’t she cute?


Apr 23 2019

Spring Allergy 过敏

Central Park in the spring time is beautiful but deadly, even in the night after the program An American Soldier at NY Historical Society

… the movings: a bird and squirrel

… more blooming 


and the scenes 


… the Strawberry Field 



Apr 23 2019

Central Park at Night

Spring allergy is killing me but can’t stop me from going

Apr 18 2019

Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza is a venue for performances.


Apr 18 2019

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace

28 E 20th St,
New York, NY 10003

Wandering is really, a good thing.

With a little time on hand, I wandered into Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site in the city.

TR’s dad stressed one thing to him: do good for others. Do good to others.

On the other hand, get to know TR from Candice Millard’s The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey. Happy reading.

胡思乱想, 漫无目的, 是很重要的. 今天走进老罗斯福的出生地, 感触良多. 不幸的是我小气, 不肯花时间去漫游… 所以井底之蛙一个.