Apr 18 2019

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace

28 E 20th St,
New York, NY 10003

Wandering is really, a good thing.

With a little time on hand, I wandered into Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site in the city.

TR’s dad stressed one thing to him: do good for others. Do good to others.

On the other hand, get to know TR from Candice Millard’s The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey. Happy reading.

胡思乱想, 漫无目的, 是很重要的. 今天走进老罗斯福的出生地, 感触良多. 不幸的是我小气, 不肯花时间去漫游… 所以井底之蛙一个.


Apr 18 2019

Goethe Institute 歌德学院

30 Irving Place,
New York, NY 10003

My first time in their New York location.

On the ground level is their library. Yes, you can borrow books from it.

Class rooms are on the higher floor. The skylight is nice.


Apr 13 2019

Netflix’s documentary: Our Planet

The promotion of their new docu series at Dolby SoHo @ 477 Broadway is nice. The setup at block deep showroom (Mercer St on the other end) is nice, with a small theater and bar.

The series, is it better made than the National Geographic? emmmm not sure. Netflix’s is made by a British firm.

Apr 13 2019

Flower arrangements

My intro class to the world of flower arrangement. Passing through a street fair on the way down, walking a good 7.8 miles


Apr 13 2019

Ciji 慈济

My first time in their Chinatown office. Tzu Chi 慈濟 is doing well in the US.

Apr 5 2019

Asia Society 亚洲协会

725 Park Avenue
New York, USA

A nice little hub for Asiaphile.

On Fridays, the ground floor host a social networking, with a simply bar and foods. The other end of the lobby is the gift shop.

The drink and food at social is very limited (not a complaint). But the music is inappropriate – tooooo loud to have a conversation. I think light jazz will do.

… the exhibits …


Apr 5 2019

The gift shop @ Asia Society

725 Park Avenue
New York, USA

These Kato silk scarfs are $165.

A nice shop with cute items @ Asia Society 亚洲协会.

The cup is $20, could be used as soup bowl, dipping bowl …


Apr 5 2019

Serena’s Wine Bar Cafe

1268 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10065

Won’t return.

Their wine is not too good and service is so so.

I’ve two reds: Sangiovese, Toscana La Lecciaia 2010 and Bordeaux Chateau haut Heyruguet 2016. Between the two, Bordeaux is better.

Both are $13 a glass (retail at $16.99 and $11.99 a bottle on vivino), NOT complaining how much they charge but wondering why can’t they serve better quality wines. Which brings me to Barcibo Enoteca on B’way that served excellent Italian wines but it had closed … hmmmm … Was it because the cost of better wines cost their business?

The skinless almonds are really good. The olives are looking tired and too many, just not appetizing. The cheeses on the Small Cheese Plates are good.

… Forgot to ask if the bar is named after the tennis great -:)


Mar 26 2019

Macy’s flowers

It’s that time of the year again, at Macy’s. Their flower show is pretty nice. How long could they keep up with this tradition?


Mar 26 2019

Le Bernardin

155 W 51 St
New York, NY

Near Times Sq.

This is a Michelin 3 and I’d say it’s 5 star good and will return.

Great food, presentation and service.

The main dining hall could be a little too noisy at time. The large round table could easily seat six next to us, hosted two group of couples – one after the other – they sat facing the hall. It felt pretty weird.

They seem to supply butter too quickly – I drink butter – I don’t mind to finish it all before they bring out another fresh one. The following is the  four course menu of: almost raw, barely touched, lightly cooked and the sweets – which are mostly ice cream.

The little freebies – I think the turning starter is the least likable.

… the little hall way to the bathroom – nice painting – ha ha ha.