Jun 5 2019

Jade Asian Bistro 明都

249-32 Horace Harding Expy
Little Neck, NY 11362

This was the old Pine Court. Not much has changed. The decoration is better than their Flushing branch. The service and food are average. It’s convenient for me: a Chinese grocery store is next door.

May 3 2019

The handicap lots @ New World Mall

Roosevelt Ave & Main St,
Flushing, New York, 11354

And … the handicap parking spots are filled with German made cars, always. Have you seen anything like this before: so many, so often at the same time?

What’s going on here?

May 3 2019

Daxi Sichuan, is dishonest …

136-20 Roosevelt Ave, 2nd floor
Flushing, NY 11354

Calling them cheaters maybe too harsh but I won’t return.

Three aging women having lunch. My friend said to the staff as she was ordering the Boiled Fish with Picked Veg, “… we’d like to have the small.” – this dish comes in two sizes.

“Yes, small would do.” We said. We don’t and couldn’t eat a lot.

But when xicao (西曹soup dish came in this giant bowl, we knew instantly it’s the large size. We asked why but the staff just shrugged and walked away. We let it go. But we won’t return.

The food: average.

The serving plates and bowls are pretty neat. The tea pot is heavy which I don’t mind – good exercise for my bicep, tricep 4-cep …  hey … summer is coming -:).

The decoration: above average in Flushing. Good ceiling height. But the booths by the window are uncomfortable: too far from the table and the couches are too low for the table. The worst: the glassed tables have greasy streaks. I had visited it when it was first opened and sat on the table, which had no glass.

The service: was subpar. I have to signal for tea all the time, especially when it wasn’t busy at all. They didn’t offer rice, not even asked if we need or want rice. Again, we have to ask for it.

Bathroom: a public bathroom, a little walk from the restaurant. Cute washbowls (the white towels underneath are ugly…) but a dirty bathroom.

There was a dirty dish station by our table: I’m wondering, the restaurant is nearly empty, why can’t they move it elsewhere or do NOT throw in the dishes n chopsticks. Unless, they meant to chase us away. We were there for less than two hours.

The elevators are SLOW, very slow. Ten minutes slow. Parking is in the basement for the mall.

Apr 27 2019

Saturday in Flushing

I took the LIRR train into Flushing. It’s pretty early and rather relaxing. The restaurant isn’t crowded. The Tianjin Pancake is up and running. I like them a lot and buy red bean paste cake all the time but lately I find the skin is bit too al dente for my aging teeth. So today I bought the paste, only.

The new building along southern side of the LIRR Flushing station.

Apr 27 2019

Royal Queen

136-20 Roosevelt Ave, 3rd Fl
Flushing, NY 11354

This was Grand Restaurant 君豪大酒楼 – I don’t know when did they change to the current name, because the location and the interior – everything else is unchanged. I haven’t been there for a couple of years and did discover some new dim sums. The six small plates are about $40. Their bathroom is pretty clean.

Nov 9 2018

You Garden 豫园

41-07 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361

Will return.

The 3 star is for their bit too sweet taste – not their fault but mine – my dislike toward things too sweet. The few items we have are good. Shanghai cruise is on the sweet side. It’s a cash only shop.

Very good service – plastic bag for umbrellas. Disposable chopsticks heads, plastic gloves for Beijing duck, … spacious and clean bathroom. The atmosphere is more relaxing than their Flushing one.

A group of middle aged Chinese women (4) behind me are overly loud… Half roasted Beijing duck is $16.33 ($15 + 8.875% tax take out).

Street parking. They open 9-11 so one more place for breakfast.


Aug 10 2018

Taverna Kyclades

39-28 Bell Blvd,
Bayside, NY 11361

Probably won’t return – pricey for the location.

A bright (mostly white) pleasant Greek restaurant in Bayside.

We have two appetizers: mussels and octopus. The red sauce of mussels is good with feta (salt tastes good, in general), but certainly not worth $18.95. The octopus at $25, is tender and delicious, so is Moscofilero. On Vivino the GWC is 3.2 by 334 raters/drinkers, which I thought it’s pretty low. They don’t sell bottle but by glass/half carafe/full carafe. The carafe sat on our table un-chilled. I wonder how ‘full carafe’ works because it’s basically a bottle 750 ml. Or maybe the Moscofilero comes in a huge jar … in any case the bill is $78.28 which I thought is over-priced. Street parking, can be trying.


Jul 18 2018

Lucky Bento VIP

36-29 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355

New, generous portion and pretty delicious; full bar and wine menu with 12 choices: Caymus Carb 2016 $100 to Rawson’s Retreat Shiraz $10.

The mushrooms etc. in the squash is light and tasty. The shrimps are good but hard to eat – the yummy taste is on the shell – I couldn’t resist but regret every time after ordering. Need to remember bringing my head next time.

The service could have been better – nearly empty at lunch time, they only changed our plates when we’re almost done. We told them not to bother – save some water. And there’s a friendly fruit-fly keeps us company throughout.

There are private rooms on either side of The narrow dining hall. Street parking.


Jul 6 2018

Friday evening in Flushing


Flushing is still being built up. But how will they handle the population in the near future? It’s like a loud assault on your senses: rude people without manners: picking nose & teeth, spitting, don’t cover their mouths when sneezing – of course, they don’t say excuse me – a friend posted this beating incident in Flushing just now … I don’t condone beating in anyway or form but why didn’t the woman say excuse me when she tried to enter and someone was at the door? I just saw these women in the bakery and they touched absolutely every single bread and weighed each in their hands as if to see which one had gold … This is DISGUSTING.

With rapid developments, this Checks cashed service is still standing tall.

Jul 6 2018

Hot n Spicy Crawfish

36-36 Prince St
Flushing, NY 11354

Mostly won’t return. Taste is fine so is service … but …

Dined on a Friday evening at around 6:30, it’s empty. I know it’s the way … but I really don’t like to see and use styrofoam thing, bad for the environment!!

We have the Drool under the experience with Hot n Spicy medium. (4 seasonings are Louisiana, Juicy Cajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper and Hot n Juicy. Spicy levels are baby spice, mild, medium, spicy and extra spicy.) You eat with your hands, no gloves provided – so if you’ve just done your nails, think twice.

It has two entrances, one on Prince Street and one on 37th Avenue. Parking isn’t easy: street parking, lot parking and garage parking. No reservation and they ask to see ID when we pay with credit card, under $100, come on, really?