Apr 11 2019

A cloudy day

A little sunshine @ the beach. Cardboards are down, the summer is coming soon.

Apr 4 2019

A long walk & talk

At the beach

Mar 14 2019

59 Degrees

A beautiful day, temperature reached 59° at the beach @ Sea Cliff

Mar 7 2019


Clean snow @ Sea Cliff‘s Yacht.

Mar 6 2019

Clean snow


If there is a such thing.

This stretch of snow began in Friday and lingered over the weekend on to Monday.

That was two days ago. All is pretty and white.

Feb 28 2019

Sea Cliff Beach

Near the Sea Cliff Yacht Club, looking out to Hempstead Harbor.

Feb 21 2019

A lecture

Got a through beating or dress down today -:) flying away and aiming high! 3 pm at the beach.


Feb 15 2019

The little loft

At the library, on a winter Friday.

Feb 15 2019

A Friday …

The water birds in the winter. And here was on an autumn day


Jan 31 2019

1 degree

It’s 1 ° gosh New York has not seen this cold weather for a long time. Aren’t they cold? We’re so close!