Jun 21 2019

Marie Blachére French Bakery

550 Middle Neck Rd
Great Neck, NY 11023

Spacious and inviting, good breads but probably won’t return for the price – I’m not a bread eater. Sometimes in the restaurants when the breads taste yummy, especially when they’re warm, I’ll have one or two.

Most pastries I saw there are dark – not sure it’s their style or over baked -:). A croissant costs $2.50 and in all honesty, they aren’t as good as the Costco’s – which I recalled was about $6 for ten (or six? – a huge pack … I haven’t been there for a couple of years …) and certainly not as good as Paul – a franchise in Paris or France which I frequent whenever I’m there. This past May, a croissant costs €1.75 @ Paul. With exchange rate hovers around €1=$1.12 and being in a deserted part of a NY suburb, it’s pricy for no apparently value. Marie Blachére’s croissant is ‘solid’ or ‘dead’, nothing is falling off – not fluff or puff (good that I ‘ve nothing to clean up…). I purchased it in the afternoon around 3pm and don’t
feel the same freshness that I’ve from Paul – at identical time.

It’s a touchy subject for me because my grandmother grew up with it in Tianjin – the Kiessling – and continuously enjoyed it after she moved to Beijing after marrying my grandfather in 1932.

Ah by the way, Costco is opening its first store in China – Shanghai. No worry, with Marie Blachére charges so much I’ve no $$ to buy their stocks -:)

Jun 20 2019

The duckies

A family of ducks: dad, mom and six kiddies. I didn’t see them at first since I was busy, not sure doing what on a beach – then I saw the dad sticking his long neck out and staring at me: I’m guarding my kids with my life -:)

Ya, I apologized. 

Jun 13 2019

Rainy n cold

It rained hard this morning but by afternoon, sun came out a little, which made the water alive.

One group of gardener did come to do their routine. They put on yellow ponchos and blowed – how could they do it in the hard rain was interesting.

May 31 2019

The morning after a heavy rain

After the 2nd night of heavy rain, the morning is just simply wonderful.


May 9 2019

A small town

A small town the first three were taken early in the year. This afternoon was cloudy. No wonder Washington and Beijing are fighting it out …

小城故事多 是今天,一个没有阳光的日子
幸好有华府和华府 打的热火朝天的 [呲牙]
小板凳 瓜子 🍵🍷

May 2 2019

The spring flowers

Oh … all so lovely, from Whole Foods -:) Going to nursery isn’t my cup of tea.


May 2 2019

Enlightened 开窍

Suddenly some senses knocked into me … A house is being built by the beach.


Apr 30 2019

A blueberry

An irregular blueberry on a slice of lemon

Apr 27 2019

An early bird

A spring morning.

Apr 25 2019

Someone is on the cloud

A sweet boy is waiting for his girl on the beach. As the temp is heating up, more people are showing up.