Apr 9 2018

Green & Safe

A two story, three parts French establishment, opposite from the middle school affiliated with Shanghai Music school, in the French concession. Clean, good service, delicious food and they sell wine by the glass. If I’ve to pick, is they switched my Raoja to Chardonnay.



Apr 8 2018

Anting 安亭

Wusong (Suzhou) River at 6pm on April 8th.

The Auto Park at this small town west of Shanghai.



Apr 7 2018

Shanghai Library

1555 Huaihai M Road

Shanghai Library 贵宾卡 上海图书馆. 星巴克咖啡即将开业 希望不会再有故宫的结局. 正好赶上五个英国作家的书展. 简爱不同的版本. 伦敦图书馆的红砖 近EuroStar 和上图的白对比鲜明


Apr 7 2018


A star dog’s life and in Chinese. A big dog party, four and six golden retrievers came.

有60万粉丝的🐶 出得厅堂 上得了台. 这群金毛和古牧太可爱!



Apr 5 2018


88 Caoxi Road

This is part of Shanghai Librsry. A wonderful research place. On my two times there, I see the same couple – western man and woman there. She is reading a stack of newspapers, almost in mint condition. Two librarians are most helpful, enable me to find my thing in no time. Heaven.

Mar 31 2018

Xin Da Lu

At Hyatt on the Bund
199 Huangpu Lu

Will return. A wonderful restaurant for Beijing duck and local Shanghai cuisine.


Mar 30 2018

Hyatt on the Bund

199 Huangpu Lu

Mar 30 2018

Oriental Land

A lovely park for a good start.


Mar 27 2018

Pudong airport

PVG is one of two airports in Shanghai. It’s newer, bigger and farther away for. downtown.

Getting into Shanghai at 5:40 pm on Monday. The flight CX360 is empty. However the immigration control is horrendous (not all the booths are open!) Then it’s the customs, the crowd is massive – another solid 25 minutes waiting. When I finally get to the taxi at 6:30, the line is relatively short, 7 minutes.

Oct 18 2016

Sasano Sushi House 酒吞

1/F, No.2 No.280 Nong, Hongjing Road, Minhang Qu
Shanghai, China,

I enjoyed my dinner there: good ambiance, good service, good food, good presentation and clean bathroom, in a private tatami room. My friend said this is one of the top Japanese restaurants in twon. It’s my last meal in Shanghai and could not have asked for a better place. Thanks 亲!

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