Mar 30 2018

Hyatt on the Bund

199 Huangpu Lu

Mar 30 2018

Oriental Land

A lovely park for a good start.


Mar 27 2018

Pudong airport

PVG is one of two airports in Shanghai. It’s newer, bigger and farther away from downtown. (CX doesn’t go to Hongqiao)

Getting into Shanghai at 5:40 pm on Monday. The flight CX360 is empty. However the immigration control is horrendous (not all the booths are open!) Then it’s the customs, the crowd is massive – another solid 25 minutes waiting. When I finally get to the taxi at 6:30, the line is relatively short, 7 minutes.

Apr 23 2017

Laoshan green tea 崂山绿茶

Oct 18 2016

Sasano Sushi House 酒吞

1/F, No.2 No.280 Nong, Hongjing Road, Minhang Qu
Shanghai, China,

I enjoyed my dinner there: good ambiance, good service, good food, good presentation and clean bathroom, in a private tatami room. My friend said this is one of the top Japanese restaurants in twon. It’s my last meal in Shanghai and could not have asked for a better place. Thanks 亲!

img_9867 img_9880 img_9887 img_9885 img_9884 img_9881 img_9877 img_9876 img_9872 img_9871

Oct 17 2016

Chenglong Hang 成隆行 (Huaihai)

1 Fenyang Lu 汾阳路1号 (淮海店)
Shanghai, China,

The spelling can be different: Cheng Long Xing Xie WangFu, Cheng Long Hang Xie Wangfu. I’d dinner there in 2014 at different location tho, in a private room on the second floor. Here in the open, dinning can be trying: noisy and rushed. Foods are fine and service is ok. We ask for a scissor to cut the crab and the waiter turns around and picks one up from the dirty bin, right in front of us.

img_9506 img_9508

The crab is sold by size: female 3.5 cm/公分 is ¥308, 2.5 cm¥180 and male 5 cm goes for ¥388.

img_9511 img_9523 img_9529 img_9527 img_9525 img_9514

Oct 17 2016

Qipao made to order

Qipao Gallery 人间烟火
570 Yongjia Lu, Xuhui Qu
Shanghai, China

The custom made studio is spacious, inside Brownstone where they hold block brunch party. Nothing really catches my fancy, considering their price tags, hovering ¥5,000 (US$700+). They’ve a wine refrigerator and tea on the table but we are offered neither.

img_9489 img_9491 img_9498 img_9492 img_9500 img_9499


Oct 17 2016

Yuan Yuan 圆苑

99 Huaihai M Road (Shanghai Times Sq)
上海圆苑酒家(兴国店) 淮海中路99号大上海时代广场5层

You’ve got to have their slow roasted pork belly 红烧肉 (bit too sweet for my taste), the add ons are up to you: eggs and potato for us.

The drunken crab is great but they don’t offer you the gadget. When I ask the waiter, she looks surprised “utensil?!” I don’t know whom she asked but come back with it, which bears their name. Poor training!The drunken crab is great but they don’t offer you the gadget. When I ask the waiter, she looks surprised “utensil?!” I don’t know whom she asked but comes back with it, which bears their name (pretty handsome). Poor training! – As it turns out, all the restaurants I’ve been to in Shanghai don’t offer the crab utensil. Surprisingly, one in Zhuhai does, with gloves.

img_9472 img_9469 img_9470 img_9479 img_9478 img_9476 img_9473 img_9481

Oct 17 2016

An American in China

We don’t normally see them do ads in the USA but many would sell out elsewhere. Scarlett Johansson pitches for Huawei phones (in Shanghai) and Bradley Cooper who graduated from Georgetown in 1993 does Haagen Dazs ice cream (in Macau). Chinese market is increasingly important and powerful, commending the top talents. Matt Damon is starring in the Great Wall by Zhang Yimou, coming out Feb 2017. Dr. Strange has Hong Kong and Wang.

img_2087 img_2088

3:58 video for Huawei 这是由华为与好莱坞影视制作公司Wondros共同打造的国际版推广短片,背景音乐来自华为手机品牌音乐《Dream It Possible》

Oct 16 2016

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

62 Changyang Rd, Hongkou Qu,
Shanghai, China, 200082

This museum is for the Jewish refugees during WWII living in Shanghai. I went there too late, missing it again. The coffee house across the street is still servicing. Otherwise the area is pretty dead.

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