Mar 16 2016

Jingjue Temple 净觉寺

Shandong, Dong’e County, Liuji town, GaoShang village
山东省东阿县刘集镇皋上村 东北500米 (map from Google)

After lunch, we came to visit this temple. It’s sits on 6605 sq meter / 1.6 acre of land, built in 1109 and my great grandpa had renovated it in 1920. It’s now the County Buddhist Association. (baike). We didn’t get to visit inside because it’s closed. The government of Shandong province has declared it a historical relic in December 2006. FB pix


IMG_0313 IMG_0312

A primary school 山东省东阿县刘集镇皋上小学 is next door (zip 252214)

IMG_0314 IMG_0315

Mar 16 2016

Hongyun Courtyard 鴻运农家院

After paying respect to my great grandpa and many other ancestors, we stopped by 鸿运农家院 for lunch at the edge of Gaoshang Cun – (刘集镇皋上村 – 鸿运农家院在村边) distant relatives who are still living there. My family had lunch in a room and the locals, men in the next room while their ladies were in the main dining hall..

IMG_0216 IMG_0221 IMG_0276 IMG_0223 IMG_0231 IMG_0240 IMG_0272 IMG_0277

The bathroom is still very rudimentary. This kid just peed right out side of the entrance to the restaurant.

IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0280 IMG_0255

It’s time to depart and the locals bid us a warm farewell. Thank you!

IMG_0286 IMG_0289 IMG_0290 IMG_0287



Mar 16 2016

GaoShang Cun 皋上村

My great grandpa resides at Liuji township and GaoShang Cun village 刘集镇皋上村 here (map). They’re under the jurisdiction of Dong’e County then Liaocheng 聊城 (wiki). Dong’e County (wiki) as well as LiaoCheng are on the left bank of Yellow River, 100 km / 62 miles upstream/northwest of provincial capital Jinan.

IMG_0206 IMG_0209 IMG_0212 IMG_0211 IMG_0085 IMG_0082 IMG_0083 IMG_0084

Mar 16 2016

Piping the water from south to north

This canal is the conduit sending the water from south to north 南水北调. My relatives said initially the government wanted to build the canal through the tombs but after negotiation or persuasion, they agreed and the site of the tombs is preserved.

IMG_0199 IMG_0201 IMG_0200 IMG_0197

Mar 16 2016

Visiting my great grandpa Zhang


My great grandpa was from this village in Donge county, 120 km / 75 miles southwest of Jinan.

IMG_0096 IMG_0102 IMG_0107 IMG_0132 IMG_0173 IMG_0199

The canal is for routing the water from the south to north 南水北调. Afterward, we went to lunch in the village and also visited Jingjue Temple. Pix on FB

Mar 15 2016

The Lu Cuisine 鲁菜

Dad meets his youngest uncle in Jinan, who’s a couple of years his junior (also from a concubine).  Shandong cuisine which is nicknamed Lucai 鲁菜 cuisine Lu is one of the eight regional Chinese cuisines.

IMG_9988 IMG_0009

  1. Anhui, the Hui Cuisine (徽菜): Egg dumplings, stinky tofu
  2. Cantonese, Yue Cuisine (粤菜): seafood, and generally light flavors
  3. Fujian, the Min Cuisine (闽菜): renowned for its soups and seafood
  4. Hunan, the Xiang Cuisine (湘菜): spicy flavors
  5. Jiangsu, the Su Cuisine (苏菜): braised spare ribs
  6. Shandong, the Lu Cuisine (鲁菜): Peking Duck
  7. Sichuan, Chuan Cuisine (川菜): spicy flavors and use of chili
  8. Zhejiang, the Zhe Cuisine (浙菜): fish in vinegar


IMG_0017 - Copy image image image

Lu cuisine is also one of Four Great Traditions as in cooking in China:

  1. Lu Cuisine (Shandong Cuisine)
  2. Chuan Cuisine (Sichuan Cuisine)
  3. Yue Cuisine (Guangdong Cuisine)
  4. Su Cuisine (Jiangsu Cuisine)

This one at Yuquan hotel 玉泉 in Jinan is ok.


Mar 15 2016

Girls rule

I met up with dad and his aunt and uncle in Shanghai to escort them to JiNan together, although I’d like to go from Hefei to Jinan which is more direct. But being with them is fun too. The picture shows the train travels at 306 km/190 miles per hour. I also noticed most captains of the train – conductors 列车长 are female. You Go Girls!

IMG_9979 IMG_9984 IMG_9977 IMG_9983

The Jinan train station is rather empty. My uncle said, this is the high speed train station and the tickets are more expensive than the normal train – the old station is far more crowded, which I experienced in April 2012, on the overnight ride to Hefei.

image image

The train station offers porter service 小红帽 Xiao Hongmao (little red cap) for ¥120 (about US$20) in Shanghai, who will get you abroad the train ahead of the time from the special path. Jinan train station offers the same service but we didn’t need because relatives have arranged.

The heavy curtain doesn’t seem to mesh well with the modern train station. But … off we go, to Beijing 3.17 Thursday:

DSCN8780 DSCN8781 DSCN8782 DSCN8786

Mar 15 2016

Yuquan 玉泉 Simpson hotel in Jinan

68 Luoyuan St, Lixia, Jinan, Shandong, China
济南市泺源大街68号 邮编:250063

So dated, everywhere!

It’s conveniently located on the busy Luoyuan St. Quancheng Square and Baotu Spring and Wanzhu Yuan parks to the west and Inzone 银座 shopping mall to the east. There is also a Korean town cross the street from the hotel.

DSCN8720 IMG_0540

However, it’s worst than this county hotel. The room is shabby, diggy and uncomfortable. They only offer one key to the room. If you need move separately from your roommate, they’ll send someone, a human to check you ID then open the door for you. Unimaginable. The bathroom, as well as the dark hallway, have red plastic buckets filled with water. The purpose? In case of fire.

DSCN8719 image

The room key holder has only 1 card. Someone must be lingering in the hall way all the time because they came very fast to open the door for you.

Swimming pool’s under renovation. The ping pong club has low ceiling and is dark, uncomfortable as the rooms. I caught a City wide senior Chinese chess tourney.


Mar 14 2016

Another French wine in China

I had this Louis Eschenauer 2006 wine in Jinan, China, encased in a handsome box. Winery Louis Eschenauer has a web presence, they’re selling 2011 at the moment.

IMG_0517 Reserve-Bordeaux-Sup

According to this site, “Louis Eschenauer is a brand of Bordeaux value wines. These everyday drinking wines are mostly available for purchase in supermarkets in the United Kingdom.” Simply put, it’s a cheap wine.

IMG_0515 2016-04-14

It didn’t taste good, but it’s a wine. Far better than this faker.

Apr 12 2012

Wanzhu Yuan 2012

The Ten Thousand Bamboo Garden in Jinan.