Mar 28 2018

Sunset in Qingdao

Taiping Road in Qingdao


Mar 28 2018

Qingdao 2018


China, visited 青岛 for three days, March 28-30.

Nov 26 2010

Qingdao 1985

a little girl

a girl

听涛声 at Mt. Laoshan 劳山.. July 30, 1985. More pix on FB

Yishi and I came from Beijing .. We boarded this hour long boat ride that cost only CNY1.5 per person, July 31, 1985.

Right: on the roof top of our ‘hotel’.

Nov 2 2010

Shandong 山东

The Yellow River passes though it.

  • JiNan
  • Qingdao