May 26 2010

Seagulls at Alcatraz

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May 23 2010

Berenstain Bears

They love picnic but always get into the wrong spot … My kids loved their books. Wiki stats that it has grown to over 300 titles.

picnic spot

2016.05.20 @ Potomac River

May 17 2010

Dezhou 德州

127 km/ 79 miles north of Ji’Nan (wiki and zh wiki), Shandong, China.


May 14 2010

May 3 2010


My first Document of Identity for Visa Purposes, short for DI is a travel document for people who freshly arrived in Hong Kong. It’s a temporary residency permit that needed to be renewed periodically, and getting a visa with it was difficult. For those who had lived longer than Seven Year Itch mark were issued CI: Certificate of Identity, which is a permanent residency permit with black chop mark. Of course on top of the pecking chain were British passports but the proud holders only to discover they weren’t welcomed when Madam Margaret Thatcher signed over Hong Kong to China in the 1984. There were outrages and protests, but the stiffer lips didn’t budge. Yes, the British passport issued in HK needed to apply to visit the Great Britain, very funny. The provenance is the key.

My first DI was issued on July 28, 1981 and it would expire on July 27, 1988. However, due to frequent travel and also the fact I applied for US visa in Paris (6/27/1983) but got turned down, so I figured a new passport would erase the mark the US Embassy marked on my old one. (I didn’t think they used computer at the time.) The second one was issued on May 30, 1984 and expired on May 29, 1991.

An American in Paris

The next phrase was Chinese passports that I obtained in New York. I had to trouble Auntie Wang to get me a notarization birth certificate in Beijing. First one was issued on Feb 21, 1989 and the second one was Oct 12, 2000. I was very attempted to keep my Chinese passport valid after I became US citizen but was unable.

May 3 2010


With my less than ideal travel document DI, I was able to secure a visa to United Kingdom in 1982. More pix on FB.


  1. 1982, UK: issued on July 8, 1982 (use by Oct 8, 1982). Upon arrival on Sept 23, the immigration officer at Gatwick granted me two months stay. I left London on Nov 20 to Milan, took train to Venice, Florence and down to Rome
  2. 1982, Italy: issued in Hong Kong on 16 Nov 1982 (use by Nov 30, 1982). Nov 20-27
  3. 1982, Sri Lanka: issued on Aug 27, 1982.
  4. 1982, Greece: Oct 29, 1982. Nov 27 -28
  5. 1983, Benelux – Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg; 5/30 in Hong Kong
  6. 1983, Spain (5/31 and 12/23; 90 days)
  7. 1984, Egype fm Frankfurt on 4/24; DM 53
  8. 1984, Denmark fm Frankfurt on 1/16; DM 16.5
  9. 1986, USA in HK on 5/15 good til 8/15; July 11
  10. 1989, Italy; May 10
  11. 1991, Austria in NY on 9/20
  12. 1991, Germany 9/18
  13. 2000, UK, 11/16/2000, (till 5/16/2001) on my new Chinese passport.  This would be the last one.  At entrance, the immigration officer stopped me because my green card has expired.  No really expire but each card has a 10 years of life before a new card needed to be issued and it cost money.  So that prompt me to apply for  the US citizenship.
  14. 2003, China, 2003
  15. 2009, Nicaragua; US$5
  16. 2010, China, US$140, multiple, 6 months; Taiwan US$110
  17. 2011.06.13, $140 China
  18. 2014.05.16, two years $140/$175