Jun 29 2010

Day 8 at Wimbledon

A Centre Court day ..
Did you hear anything?
I heard ..
Happy Sweetest 16 Love !!

Jun 29 2010

Our day 2 at Wimbledon – Centre Court Day

Day 8: Women’s quarter final

Since w were early, we had about an hour to kill before the Centre Court would be ready. We watched a part of the match on Court No. 18, and saw Boris Becker, who’s living room used to be on the Center Court was giving a talk ..
More pix on FB, did you hear anything

Kim Clijster and her match point lost to Vera Zvonareva (?).

Li Na vs Serena Williams in motion, Serena vs Li Na in pix

Mike and Bob, the Bryan brothers, more pix on FB Ladies’ Invitational – the real treat is the Ladies’ Invitation Doubles Round Robin, Conchita Martinez and Nathalie Tauziat vs Martina Navratilova and Jana Novotna

Boris Becker

One of the line judges sat next to us. He’s a 空中少爷 .. errrhhh .. flight attendant by day and a Wimbledon line judge by the night. Or vice versa. Yes he can go anywhere to be a line judge if he puts in the request but he prefers only Wimbledon. Yes the 空中大少 does play the game; just not at Wimbledon.

the flight attendant .. 空中少爷

Serena took Li Na without much of grunting – an easy match. They chatted rather long at the net after the game, set and match.


Jun 29 2010

Day 8 at Wimbledon

Centre Court: Happy Sweet 16 Love !!

On a wimp, we decided to go to Wimbledon again. We left early, found the queue line was much shorter. When we got to the gate, it was only 11am. Unexpectedly, the cashier asked us if we would like a pair of Centre Court tickets.
“Center Court?” I looked at Pumpkin.
Yessssss …
It’s going to be a really sweet 16!
The only worry that crossed my mind at that moment was I didn’t have enough cash since they won’t take any credit card.
As it turned out, we were very luck – got them at discount: £74 face value for £49 each.

It’s ladies quarter finals. The seats were very good. The Centre Court is small and intimate. Saw Kim and then Serena played Li Na. It was a very quiet match; 7-5, 6-3, perhaps Ms. Williams didn’t need to grunt. After the match, Serena lingered longer than usual at the net with Li. taking. Wondering what did she say to Li.

the Queue Card