Jul 20 2010

Haus Wertheym

Since the Steinernes Haus was closed, we had to settle at Haus Wertheym, the half-timbered building in the Frankfurt’s old town Römer that survived the bombings of WW II. Reported it was built in 1600s, opposite to Historisches Museum. Food is ok ..

Jul 20 2010

Frankfurt on Foot

I love Frankfurt .. .. but sadly to say, this walking tour or Insider Tour led by an Yankee ranked on top on Trip Advisor. Trust me, there are lot more than this .. More pictures on FaceBook.

The tour was pretty interesting, Dave was bit comedian and historian combined. We started at 9am and it should ended at about 2 but it didn’t. It went on and on. Few tourists dropped out in the middle of the tour – lost revenue bec he didn’t collect fees till the end.

Jul 20 2010

The Römer

Roemer is a medieval building in the Altstadt of Frankfurt (am Main) – the old town, and the major landmark. It’s opposite from the Old St. Nicholas church, and has been the city hall for over 600 years. The town hall was originally constructed in the 15th century but regularly expanded, with the most recent wings dating back to 1908.

a typical lunch

in 2010

Jul 20 2010

Kameha Suite

One of the café I like in Frankfurt across street from the Old Opera House (Alte Oper): its architecture, bar plus decent cuisine, the atmosphere is pretty sophisticated. Frankfurt is a practical city, very livable. More pix on FB