Nov 3 2010

朱家角 Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

A little taste of ZJJ

This zongzi 粽子 store located near the parking lot. The lady was soliciting us. The stuff looked delicious and cheap: CNY2.5 about US¢40 each, so I told her that I’d buy on the way home. When we were leaving at end of the day, she still remembered us .. I got 4 but didn’t get to eat it.

I began to shop as soon as we arrived. In no time I became a Christmas tree, draped with bracelets and necklaces. The fat one on my left arm was stolen: YZ tried on and forgot to took it off. So it onto my arm .. .. so we won’t forget to return it on the way out.

Good half day has past, we were about to leave. I stopped by that shop again trying to give it back but wasn’t sure IF it was the shop .. There were so many and they all looked the same. Then the lady proprietor said to me with a warm smile,
“Ha .. that’s the one .. I was just wondering where it is .. ” and pointed to it.
No one called police. Guess you just can’t take me anywhere.
We all laughed.

The locals

.. 望穿秋水 .. looking forward to .. not someone but food

The lunch was ok. I wished that I didn’t use their bathroom .. Sees no evil and hears no evil .. The afternoon tea was great.

How they repel the flies