Nov 26 2010

Husband’s resting area

A store located on 6th Avenue at 40th Street in New York

Nov 26 2010


Mainz, March 5, 1984

Nov 26 2010


Halloween in Frankfurt, March 6, 1984

Nov 26 2010

The captain

May 20, 1984 on Air Lanka cockpit, with the pilots, on my way back to Hong Kong from Frankfurt

The aircraft wasn’t full so the two pilots were nice enough to invite me to sit there while they worked.
Back to the good old days, when civility was paramount, and we didn’t have to debate if the full body scan is necessary ..

Nov 26 2010

The Maliks

Feb 1984
Falkstraße 45, 60487, Frankfurt am Main

Maliks used to live next door to Norbert. [Renate took over their apartment now: the International House has just expanded, :)]. Bojan’s parents Joka and Novak wanted me to write something for him ..

Renate to my left.
Joka and Novak are Serbians who met in Frankfurt as teenagers working in a factory. Their daughter just got married this June to a ..
“Deutsche.” The Mom told me.
It’s very frustrating that I couldn’t converse in German any more. Ignorant youth!
They moved to a larger apartment down the street. Little baby Bojan is a dashing young man now. He works in an electrics store five minutes by foot, still lives at home (so Mom cooks for him and someone washes his cloth.. it’s the same the world over ..)

It’s not his girl friend but a girl from childhood, Mom explained.

July 19, 2010 at Elisabet‘s

The Maliks in 2014

Nov 26 2010

With the Hartings

A typical night in .. wine and conversations ..

It’s Jan or Feb 1984, perhaps Chinese New Year was near .. .. so a good wish for a great new year? A night in would start with dinner and with beer or wine .. more wine .. then snaps. I wasn’t too crazy for snaps, felt its bit too strong for my weak taste. In the 90s, we visited the Hartings again, and I remembered I still would be happier without the snaps.
Then this past summer, I discovered that my love for snaps has just awaken.

Nov 26 2010

Heidelberg 1984

Feb 2nd, 1984, with Kiesow

Nov 26 2010

An unforgettable affair

Alice, I and Makiko, Feb 20, 1984 at the Old Opera House, Frankfurt

A future-Doctor, Alice, Smit, I and Jakor, May 1984 at the Alte Oper

Alice came from Vietnam, living with her husband and two young sons. We met at school and became close since we lived nearby. Smit and Jakor were both Yugoslavian and teachers at the Bach. Alice loved Jakor. Jakor fancied Makiko. Smit liked Alice. Makiko was bit air head: I don’t quite know it was due to language barrier or it’s her way fending off the chasers. To hang out with Madam M, Jakor would always come to me, Smit and Alice tag along. The night outs with them were quite comic yet depressing: they were all paired off and making out … one of the boys would drop me off before taking his Madad M to a hotel or his Alice to a wonderland.

Few times later, one evening as Alice came to me (she would come to me then we both waited for Jakor or Smith to pick us up) for another night out on the town with the boys and Madam M. I was about to go down, so she opt to wait on the narrow street with apartments on both side. It’s was a lovely evening. When I was ready, I leant out of the window and told her I was coming down. Just then, I saw her husband came. They first spoke rapidly, then arguing and .. then .. he hit her. I was taken aback and felt very embarrassed. Hitting someone isn’t nice, let along it’s his wife. It made feeling small and barbaric bec we were all Chinese.
What were they all thinking?!

Nov 26 2010

Qingdao 1985

a little girl

a girl

听涛声 at Mt. Laoshan 劳山.. July 30, 1985. More pix on FB

Yishi and I came from Beijing .. We boarded this hour long boat ride that cost only CNY1.5 per person, July 31, 1985.

Right: on the roof top of our ‘hotel’.

Nov 26 2010

Tea at 朱家角

Sept 12, 2010

After a long day at Zhu Jiajiao trying to avoid rain, basking in the sun, bargaining with the vendors .. .. we finally enjoyed a moment of tranquility: sipping tea on a balcony on the canal. There is minimum surcharge of 100 yuan per person. The house offers various teas, each costs about the surcharge. This tea house uses old bonds as decor which is very nice.

As we were enjoying, another group arrived. An older man immediately light up a cigarette. I was in no mood to tolerate this.
“Excuse me sir,” I asked polite “I’m pregnant could you please not to smoke?”
Yishi caught up quickly. She said to no one in particular that Unfortunately the wimpy wind blew our way.
Yizang just laughed out loud.
The smoker’s young companion looked at me, than said to no one in particular sarcastically
“Ha, there is something new every day.”
Yes baby you bet. I tried this trick in Paris .. too ..

private part of the tea house

The canal can get busy. The helmsmen are in uniforms but by the, they began to soliciting business from us, customers on the balcony for the boat ride at reduced fee.

伟大的舵手 .. a lady helmsman or helmswoman .. and helmsman