Dec 31 2010


Sept 25, 2010 Hong Kong

Sept 25, 2010 Hong Kong

July 21, 2010; Frankfurt; Zingiberaceae

19, July 2010, Kassel

July 11, Strasbourg

July 5, 2010, Louvre, Paris

July 4, 2010, Waterlily House, London

July 2010 Kassel

Heidelberg Castle


Feb 16, 2010, Alcatraz, San Francisco

Dec 30 2010

Seine 塞纳河

Every great city is anchored on a famous river – except Beijing. Well, it’s another story for another time.

Paris has hers, the Seine. It’s artists paradise, tourist trap, picnic ground, epicure dinning (assume .. ), (of) human bondage ..

More pics on Facebook – an evening stroll on the river ..

Dec 27 2010

A big snow

Dec 27 2010 am (1) Dec 27 2010 am (2)

Dec 11 2010

Fragrant Hills 香山公园

Beijing, Oct 30, 1985
I almost forgot about this trip .. upon seeing the picture for the first time (at Renate’s home ..) Pumpkin’s comment was: “Mom, you wear a lot of make up ..”

Dec 11 2010


May 17, 2009

A big fish catches eats a small fish

Dec 10 2010

Juneau, Alaska

August 19, Mount Roberts or Roberts Peak in down town Juneau.

We were very lucky that the sun came to visit almost daily except our first port of call at Ketchikan, Alaska. We were able to sneak in a very relaxed picnic on top of the Roberts Peak. More pics here

Dec 9 2010

Rush 2008

Rush Snakes & Arrows World Tour, July 5, 2008 at Saratoga Spring Art Center, New York

Dec 6 2010

Look at the shoes

New York, 1986

Things always come back after a while .. Pumpkin brought one of those shoes last year and I thought ‘eeeehhhhhhhuuuu’. Then the other day I just found this pic .. And the Ray Ban aviator pilot sunglasses. This pictures was taken by Grandaunt Lucy at Columbia university

Dec 6 2010


Beijing, Xiyuan Hotel, July 1985

How many of you had the dream to be a doctor or nurse? I never did but loved the white outfit.

Dec 6 2010

Panpan 盼盼

July 1985 at Xiyuan Hotel in Beijing
Uncle Chen Yu had me stayed there and Panpan came to visit. She’s one of my childhood friends ..