Jan 3 2011

Tiananmen 天安门

… As if we’ll never get tired taking pictures with TAM … or what? The Old Opera house too .. The very last time I took with it was in 2003 but then I dropped the camera into the pond before I had chance to upload the pix.

circa 1960 Mom

circa 1970

Dec 1976

circa 1979

Nov 4, 1984

July 6, 2011

Undated, circa 1950+

Jan 3 2011

The blind faith ..

View from #7 subway train on Dec 30, 2010, Long Island City

Many has his or her reason(s) to come to New York or decided to make a home here. One of my reasons was .. ehhhh .. the graffiti.
I know .. I know .. it’s odd .. but I just love them. Hong Kong’s subway was brand new, it felt sterile. London, Paris .. old and boring. Frankfurt has had its yet. I just falling in love with New York .. with whatever it has to offer.

The Citi Bank building in the background

Jan 3 2011

A snowy day ends the 2010

E 42nd Street and Madison Av on 12/30/2010

Jan 3 2011

Tokyo 1983

The Disney Land opened its door in Tokyo (4/15/1983) that year. I joined a tour from HK, staying at Sunshine City Prince hotel.
April 30: 箱根 Hakone
May 1: Royal Palace; 浅草 Asakusa; 大涌谷 Owakudani
May 3: Disney Land

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