May 27 2011


When I first visited it in the early 1980s, the glass addition wasn’t built, yet. I thought I would not like it, out of the place to me. But .. aside from the glass pyramid, it added a huge basement with an Apple store and food court and more.



May 17 2011


Feb 6, Greenpoint, Long Island, NY

May 17 2011


Oct 15, 2006, Pier 17, New York; MS Ride; boat Peking

June 13, 2006, Allenwood

Feb 24 2006, Whistler, Canada

May 16 2011

Seattle and Whistler 2006

Our winter break trip (Feb 21-26) coincided with the 2006 Winter Olympics (the XX Olympic Winter Games, February 10 – 26) in Turin, Italy. On our last day, we watched the closing ceremony while had our lunch. The lovely little town was in a celebratory mood and was promoting the 2010 winter game which was to hold there in 4 years.

Olympics was closing at Turin and would open in town in 4 years

Feb 24, on a trail


May 13 2011

St. John the Divine

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine – a magnificent church in New York is the largest, still-unfinished Cathedral in the world. Wow… More pix on FB

the details ..

no nails ..

Georgia O'Keeffe