Jun 24 2011

Picking up the visa

Apply for the visas are difficult. Picking them up aren’t any easier. There wasn’t long queue out side of the building. So I breathed a relief. But once inside, I felt it’s going to be another trying day.

First, waiting on line to get a number that gives you the right to wait on an endless long line to pick up your visa. The actual digits mean nothing.

If anyone who’s been to the Chinese consulate in New York, probably recognize the photo room on the first floor, next to the bathroom in the corner. You guess it right: the line (after picking up a number and now to pick up the passport) ends up there. The actual window to pick up our passport is on the other end of the room. The line was so long, that we touched all four right angles of the rectangle room.

One would think the consulate would try to ease the crowds by opening all the windows, to serve the people 为人民服务. But no, lady told me impatiently
“They are out to lunch.”
It’s only 11:23am.
Ok, they might have the habit eating early. But we are not talking about one time thing. This is an on going business ..

After nearly two hours wait, I finally see the little light at the end of long dark tunnel: the window.

I shall consider myself lucky because I didn’t have to wait out side. One guy behind me said, he experienced all kind of weathers, from burning suns to pouring rain to freezing snow ..
Another guy on line said loudly, next time we run into Peng Keyu, we shall complain.
A great idea since he’s everywhere, here, and at NYU.