Jun 30 2011

From two-way streets to ..

Multiple road that jammed with traffic, only 30 years! This is Zhongguancun Street 中关村路. Used to be sleepy and quite, single lane, only 332 路 bus ferrying us from Beijing Zoo to the Summer Palace. Ha ha ha .. that’s a life time ago.

中关村大街; June 30, 2011

Jun 30 2011

Crop top shirt

Or the half shirt isn’t girls only outfit. It’s been popular in Beijing for decades. Middle aged men in particular favored this type of dress in the hot summer day – exposure their abdomens. Call it belly shirt, midriff shirt, they just pull up the bottom of their regular shirt to show their six packs or not. Pump said she could make good fortune selling tummy tops.

Jun 30 2011

Dali Restaurant

This little restaurant was on 小经厂胡同, off 鼓楼东大街 the Gulou Dong DaJie, East of Gulou Blvd in Drum Tower. Two blocks away from the northern end of Nan Luogu Xiang 南锣鼓巷 – South Luogo Alley.

It’s in a courtyard house, both in door and out door dining. They offer no menu. Dinners are half and half (non Chinese). Delicious. Small portion.

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