Jul 4 2011

Morley Holy Club 摩力圣汇

Address: No. 9 Jinsong Road 劲松路, Chaoyang District, 10.8777.4488, zip 100021
Route: East 3rd Ring – Jingsongqiao; go straight westwards and you will arrive

If Hair Salor or Sunna don’t bother you, this Beijing Hotspring Guild Hall 北京温泉会馆 is a neat place to go, although not sure where the spring is coming from.
They don’t allow taking pictures, and for once I followed the rule. We came after our studio photo session, feeling dirty and spent.

Good: plushy towel, toiletry, buffets
Bad: on the expensive side; layout is on the smaller side

The entrance fee that includes bath, sauna, steam room (wasn’t functioning at our visit) jacuzzi and buffet is ¥158 RMB (beer cost ¥20, Red Bull ¥15, etc.), good for 18 hours.
The buffet hours: breakfast 7am-9am, lunch 12noon-2pm, dinner 6p-9pm; mid-night meal 12am-1:30am.
The white thick bath towel is in abundant supply, as are the young attendants who follow you everywhere, open the locker for you and put on the towel after showering and gave you a quick rub on the shoulder. Bit overly dotting. The toiletry are pretty nice, they offer Shiseido, Evian.
In all the bath houses we visited, sauna is always working fine while the steam room is a second thought. For someone who likes steamer over dry heat, it’s a little disappointing.
The Presidential suit is ¥4,280 for the 18-hour cycle. It has two bedrooms (one room has a queen/king bed and the other has two double) are in the second floor loft.
The cheapest room is ¥200. The room with a card table plus a bed goes for ¥480. Hair cut at Hair Salor, kids ¥38, men ¥58 (or ¥68?).

All the bath houses have tons of PJs on display, for purchase. At this club, an older woman was looking at them. Two young girls with accents were trying hard to sell her one. After the conclusion of the transaction, the customer left and the manager came. The two young girls excitedly asking the manager to buy them Popsicle,
“because she wasn’t going to buy it but we convinced her!”
Wow, can you imagine that achievement? Guess they were two newbies?

Jul 4 2011

Peninsula hotel

王府半岛酒店 (原王府饭店) on Jinbao 金宝街, couple of blocks east of WangFuJing St. in Beijing. Relaxing and enjoyable.

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