Jul 11 2011

Yihai 艺海国际商务会馆

Beijing Yihai International commercial Club 北京艺海国际商务会馆
Haidian, 12 S Zhongguancun Street 海淀区中关村南大街12号
(located at south of Lianxiang Bridge 联想桥南)
010.6216.6216, 010.0610.0610

Good: two separated dining areas on different floors; ample parking
Bad: expensive

My 2016 visit.

The club is founded 8 years ago. The entrance fee is ¥169 for 18 hours. 4 meals provided: 6am-9am, 11am-2pm, 6pm-10pm, 12am-2am. The cheapest room is ¥160, it has no window, to the presidential suite of ¥12,800, with 5 bedrooms.

The scrubbing room is a large hall, two rows of beds, without any dividers. Laying there, feeling like a pig being slaughtered, for all to see. They charge ¥188 for a 40 minutes scrub down, ¥5 for the green mitten and ¥20 for a pack of fresh milk. This is a common practice. The mitten is for hygiene and the milk supposedly is good for the skin. It normally requires two packs for the session.

My friend is a member there who explained, for tax purpose, it’s an advantage to join the club because there is a limit as how much one can expense the entertainment and meals. The club fee (or the club bills the client differently), however is unlimited. Yes, many business people carry truck load of club cards, from restaurants to hair salons, to bath houses … not to mention the discount the card holder enjoys. For this club, the top tier membership cost ¥300,000 to join with ¥210k matching from the club. A 510,000 RMB spending account.

We had dinner with my friend and friend’s significant other. They have been together for nearly a decade although they both are married and will stay married to their spouse for the time being. While we were getting the foot massage at the lounge, the common resting room, my friend opened a room and gave me the room number, said join them after the massage.

The foot rub at this club was ¥98 for 70 minutes. I got an older man and Pump got a young girl. He proposed to use ginger pad for the knees, asked if I’m allergic to ginger and alcohol because he used 75% alcohol to clean the knife, which he used to carve out some thing off my feet.
The lounge is equipped with large sofa with individual TV mounted to the left. Few sofa can be flatted and they’re mostly occupied. Costumers can stay here for the night, it’s free. Many of them do.

I must got the room number wrong. After the foot rub, when I knocked on the door, a smallish man opened it. I backed up a step. Before I could say sorry, he walked pass me to my right. A second later, three young girls trickled out of the room one by one, following him. I looked to my right, they soon disappeared in the soft dim lighted hall way.