Jul 31 2011

Wuxi’s Buddha

Lingshan Grand BuddhaMore pix on FB in Wuxi

Jul 31 2011

How and what they ride ..

Ordinary folks on their motor bikes in Wuxi. (I’m still on NY time, 12 hours behind)
Wuxi, July 31, 2011 Wuxi, July 31, 2011 (2)

Jul 31 2011

Wuxi, Taihu

太湖 Lake Tai, the Grand Lake in Wuxi.

The tallest building in Wuxi; and the Wuxi hospitality

Jul 31 2011

Wuxi Buddha

Maji Mountain area, the Lingshan Grand Buddha is one of the tourist attractions in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. The Lingshan Brahma Palace is pretty remarkable (Youtube video).

The experience would have been more enjoyable with lower temperature and lesser crowds

Zhao Puchu (November 5, 1907 – May 22, 2000) 赵朴初

It wasn’t raining, yet so many people out there with umbrellas