Apr 19 2012

597 Vegetarian 素餐厅

10, Level 5, ZhongSheng ShiJie Shopping Centre
5001 Dushi Rd, Minhang District
Shanghai, China
Phone 4008880597

I liked it a lot. Clean. Spacious. Quiet. Delicious. Particularly liked the waiting staff’s mouth cover. Bathroom is off site.

IMG_4600 IMG_4601 IMG_4602 IMG_4598 IMG_4599 IMG_4604

And the shopping mall

IMG_4603 IMG_4607 IMG_4608 IMG_4609 IMG_4605 IMG_4606

Apr 16 2012

Anting 安亭

Anting 安亭 is a small town in the Jiading District in Shanghai, China. It’s about an hour ride on the subway to New World Xintiandi; it also nears an auto race course.

Apr 15 2012

A provincial government

I often seen or read on how extravagant are these government offices in China – it’s true. One of its bureaucrats says he plays card games all the time. Oh well.


Apr 15 2012

China 2012

This is my fourth genealogy trip to China. Leaving on Monday, April 2 on AA fm JFK -> Chicago -> Beijing, landed near midnight

  1. Tue, April 3: a community in transition; #16
  2. Wed 4: a tea house; BJU lunch & the area 
  3. Fri 6: tennis, dinners with family
  4. Sun 8: gatheringsWu Yi & hutong, & more hutong
  5. Mon 9: TJChangde Dao;  
  6. Tue 10: 
  7. Wed 11: Ji’nan & Wanzhu Yuan
  8. Thu 12: 
  9. Fri 13: Hefei Baihua hotel; lunch and meals
  10. Sat 14: Li’s temple; his residence; excursion; a school;   
  11. Sun 15: ceremony; gov office
  12. Mon 16: Shanghai, Anting 安亭
  13. Tue 17: St John’s reunion 
  14. Wed 18: 上海满艺餐厅潮汕砂锅粥馆
  15. Thu 19: 597 Vegetarian 素餐厅
  16. Fri 20:
  17. Sat 21:
  18. Sun 22:

Apr 14 2012

A school

Hefei, China next to Hefei Foreign Language University.


Apr 14 2012

The meeting

Hefei, China

Apr 14 2012

Li’s temple 李氏古祠

Not far from the shrine is this temple, with busts of donors on the second floor – for these who have forked over $3,000. It has a bathroom but I didn’t go.


Apr 14 2012

A shrine

A small village near Hefei, China. These are the benefices of the foundation. Next, we visit the temple.


Apr 14 2012

Visiting a relative

My aunt’s home is in Xuhui District in Shanghai, China, near Ikea. She’s graduate of St John’s 上海圣约翰大学. She shows me their 8th World Reunion on May 17, 2009.


Apr 13 2012

Baihua Hotel in Hefei

191 Shouchun Road
合肥市庐阳区寿春路191号 230001

The city map in 1948 and in 1949.

Coincident, I stayed at this same hotel – Baihua Hotel in Hefei (安徽百花宾馆) where we had lunch the last year. At the buffet breakfast a middle aged man in dark blue suit but in white hotel paper slippers sat at the table in front of mine – in the empty large dinning room. He had two men who obviously deferred and catered to him. During the short meal, another man came with a painting, unrolled for him to inspect. He took a look and waved the man away. He then took out a cigarette, one of the two man lighted it for him. He took a deep drag, then cleared his throat and spitted it on the carpeted floor.

The service of the hotel is ok. It’s a five minutes short walk to Li Hongzhang’s residence.