Apr 19 2012

597 Vegetarian 素餐厅

10, Level 5, ZhongSheng ShiJie Shopping Centre
5001 Dushi Rd, Minhang District
Shanghai, China
Phone 4008880597

I liked it a lot. Clean. Spacious. Quiet. Delicious. Particularly liked the waiting staff’s mouth cover. Bathroom is off site.

IMG_4600 IMG_4601 IMG_4602 IMG_4598 IMG_4599 IMG_4604

And the shopping mall

IMG_4603 IMG_4607 IMG_4608 IMG_4609 IMG_4605 IMG_4606

Apr 15 2012

China 2012

April 2: AA fm JFK to Chicago – Beijing
Mon, 2:
Tue 3: landed near midnight
Wed 4: tea house
Thu 5: Liang Zi 梁子, Jingliang
Fri 6: tennis, dinner with family
Sat 7: dinner with family Zhangs
Sun 8: TJ?
Mon 9: Wu Yi?
Tue 10:
Wed 11:
Thu 12:
Fri 13:
Sat 14:
Sun 15: ceremony
Mon 16: ¥880, 安徽百花宾馆
Tue 17:
Wed 18: ¥266, 上海满艺餐厅潮汕砂锅粥馆
Thu 19: 597 Vegetarian 素餐厅
Fri 20:
Sat 21:
Sun 22:

Apr 11 2012

First trip back to Beijing

Sichuan fandian, or da hongmen 大红门 – big red glossy door as I called it because I was too young to pronounce sichuan fandian, serves Sichuan cuisine that was frequented by Deng Xiaoping. In theory, we wouldn’t be hob bobbing with such notable at all. But during Mao’s reign, Mr. Deng was mostly either out of favor on the sideline, or worst sent to jail.

Since its founding in 1959, we dined there often, because of its proximity to our home at Canzheng Hutong, and availability: not many selections of restaurants.

Nainai was not found of spicy food and Big Red Door by no mean was able to produce edible dishes in today’s standard. Actually Nainai’s cook was far superior, from cutting, presentation and taste. But back then, it was one of the best in Beijing, head and shoulder with Moscow Restaurant by the Zoo. Most importantly, they served liquor there, wuliangye no less: 2 oz per diner. New born counted. So Yeye and Nainai loved going here with me, sometimes Mom too.  They’d enjoy their share of 2 oz there and take my share and or Mom’s share home.

Now it has few more locations.  The dishes are nice.  Quanju De had also renovated and updated, the food is great.  Before, it was a dump – duck bones were all over the floor.  Yuckyy!

This picture was taken at Sichuan Fandian on Feb 6, 1982, my first trip back home after I left Beijing in 1979. Naturally we went there again to have a dinner, still due to proximity and availability. We endured lousy food, horrible service and fleeting service hours, like two hours for lunch, 12:00 – 2:00pm, and 6:00pm – 8:30pm for dinner each day (or something like that).