Oct 11 2013

Seneca Lake @ Geneva

Seneca Lake is the largest of the glacial finger lakes in up state New York. It’s a little less than 38 miles (61 km) in length, north ends in Geneva and south at Watkins Glen.

A few NE colleges are having sailing race.



How did this white car get there?


IMG_3185  IMG_3186

The water is very clear and cool. A perfect condition for swimming. I’ve my compete swimming gears: suit, cap and gaggles. The widest’s width of the lake is 1.8 miles (3 km). However I didn’t know the local rule for swimming. It would be my regret for years to come.

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Oct 11 2013

Hamburg, New York

A neat small town near Buffalo.  More pix here

Hamburg, NY 2013-10-11 (1) Hamburg, NY 2013-10-11 (2) Hamburg, NY 2013-10-11 (3) Hamburg, NY 2013-10-11 (4)

Oct 11 2013

Goat Island

The little island at Niagara Fall is very nice in the autumn. tranquil and serene with limited tourists. We had a good meal at Shango Bistro and Wine Bar.

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