Oct 12 2013

The cemetery at the Watkins Glen park

@ Watkins Glen state park:

One of them has Angelo L. Peters “Hockey”

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Oct 12 2013

The water’s journey


@ Watkins Glen state park:

Below you is Glen Creek, which begins on Sugar Hill nearly ten miles from here.
Across from you, the water of Rainbow Falls is one of many springs and brooks that feed Glen Creek on its trip to Seneca Lake. It may take 25 years for the water flowing by you today to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Can you trace the water’s northeast journey?


Oct 12 2013

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen’s Main Street. The American flag and the checker flag.

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I wouldn’t want to be here on a race day. Can’t imagine how jammed would it be.

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An Asian eatery

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Is this the only city that has a state park entrance located on the Main Street?



Oct 12 2013


The town of Geneva is urbane. The neat brown stone lined the N Main Street. It has Hobart and William Smith College, and NYSAES at Cornell University, among others.


My cousin whose three kids attend Le Rosey in Switzerland commented after seeing a few pictures that it does look like the namesake European city. My memory of Geneva of Switzerland is far more urbane, only because I’ve seen Geneva of New York. Funny enough the town people aren’t sure if the name was indeed taken from the better known European city; because some claimed its confusion of Seneca written in cursive.


More pix here


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Oct 12 2013

Watkins Glen state park

Watkins Glen is a NYS park in a small town which is famous for auto racing – the only one of two (or a few?) that Nascar isn’t run on the oval track. More pix here

the main entrance on Main Street

the main entrance on Main Street

Golfer told me that we hiked here 20+ years ago, pre-parents era but I had no recollection. A park this stunning, especially with water, I should at least remember some part of it?


(not sure what went wrong: the WordPress or my T2i camera – can’t get the portrait to post right and many shots are portrait…)

This state park is nothing short of spectacular. The entrance is on the little town’s Main Street. It’s a beautiful Saturday and the Main Street was jammed with traffic.


The combination of soft water and hard stone creates mystic and romance. One is flowing constantly and one solid unyielding.

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The park prohibits dogs but few owners managed to come with their companions.

There is a graveyard. A few graves have fake flowers.

Parking is $8, which allows the access to the top parking too. There is a shuttle ($3.00) to take the hiker down to the main entrance should one requires. Beer (mostly local brew) at the top store cost $4.

IMG_3345 - Copy

There is a camp ground (a wedding was going on, catered by Corning Cater) with out door pools.



The store and bathroom at the top:

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