May 31 2014

Mobile wifi router

We went to shopping in the morning for a SIM card for the mobile wifi router. 联通 sells ¥300 for six month (nothing in stock for a while) and ¥600 12 month (in stock) which offers 2.6gb monthly and deducts ¥50 a month. Not really fits our need. Found an online store in ZGC 中关村鼎好电子城 that sells ¥35 per card with 1.2gb. We bought three. (I bought 2 additional with bank card and returned one, they gave me cash back. 北京神龙佳业商品有限公司,3G 上网卡批发,义春华, 业务经理,13811778999,QQ 1328077339,, 中关村鼎好电子城,二层 A2545. Good service.)

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Had coffee with Sis Hong and YiShi at Beijing Modern Plaza 时代商城



May 31 2014

Hotpot 海底捞

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May 31 2014

Shangri-La Dialogue

The Shangri-La Dialogue (May 30 – June 1 in Singapore) filled the airwave in the main stream media.  Jap PM 安倍晋三 Abe Shinzō seems to be the main character. It also mentioned 南海九段线 a lot.

May 31 2014

Went to swim (unrestricted water for shower) and badminton and stayed over with Yishi

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May 31 2014

A local small market

The long reddish fancy mango tastes rather plain.

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May 31 2014

The badminton night

Chinese Academy of Governance 国家行政学院
(China National School of Administration)
6 Changchunqiao Rd, Haidian, Beijing, China

More pix on piwigo
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The sport complex there is petty nice. It has

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We went for a swim before; afterward we had dinner at Haidilao; spent the night at Yishi

May 30 2014

To Beijing

The flight offers good range of movies, The Wolf of Wall Street to Her, to 12 years of slaves, some 2014 movies.

We landed in BJ ten minutes passed the scheduled time at 8:20. But the luggage would take 1.5 hours to arrive. The airport bus cost ¥24 to Fangzhuang 方庄 which is easier for Yifu to pick me up. The airport buses have a South Station route but it’s too crowded to do pick up. It’s appt 50 min duration but it took 1.5 hour due to traffic. Monday (6/2) is a public holiday 端午节, making the weekend a long weekend.


May 30 2014

First day in Beijing

After lunch, we visited siheyuan in Xisi.

May 30 2014

Tips to visit Chengdu 一个成都人整理的成都攻略

By a Chengdu native


It would not be happy without spicy, it is the city of tea, it is beautiful clouds, mahjong sound …… it was a casual pervasive city, a 3000 years in a row have not migrated over city site, did not change the name of the city – this is Chengdu.

★★★★ 友情提示:本攻略是一个本土吃货的原创,带你深入本土生活,而非官方推荐 Tips: This is written by a local native, not an official recommendation ★★★★

【西门篇】XiMen (West Gate ?)

西门景点较多,但都挨得很近,有些散步就可去。West Gate has many attractions, close to one another within walking distance.

1、宽窄巷子 Kuanzhai Xiangzi (Narrow Alley ?)

You can go and see, here is a leisurely life in Chengdu showcase for outsiders look strange, but the really delicious eateries are not here, do not be fooled. One is the local favorite in the wide mouth of the alley west “Li Xue offal hotpot” must eat it at home, “thousands of silk offal” ecstasy ensure you eat a back 3 God! Pro!

2、琴台路 Qintai Lu/Road

Recently Zhen Huan is on fire, so is this stanza “may have a heart, not the first phase from the white,” said these words, “Zhuo Wenjun” original. Zhuo Wenjun couple of band and Naruto to children from the width of the alley in a 5-minute walk to the Qintai road. Here for sightseeing, shot put, table and buy things mean nothing to eat ah …… ……

3、百花潭 Baihuatan
从琴台路走完就到了百花潭大门,进去吧,随便找家茶铺坐下,让老板帮你叫一个“耳朵”(清理耳垢的师傅),别怕,成都这项民间技艺早在解放前就有了,师傅 们都很专业,又痒又酥又麻,全身都软了!(★市场价20元/位)接着,看公园里的路牌,就可以走路去“青羊宫”啦!几分钟而已。
From Qintai Road to the end is door to Baihuatan. Go in, find a tea house randomly and sit down, ask the owner to help you call an “ear” (to clean earwax master), do not be afraid, this service (folk art) has been in Chengdu long before 1949. The ear cleaners are very professional, itchy and flaky and hemp, the body is soft! (★ market price 20 yuan / person) and then, follow “the park signs, you can walk to “Qingyang Gong”, a few minutes away.

4、青羊宫 Qingyang Gong/Temple

A famous Taoist temple, said to be tourist attractions, BUT I would think not essential, unless you are interested in such attractions. Tickets are not expensive, looks like ¥5. Cursory look is still possible.

5、浣花溪 Huanhuaxi
从青羊宫出来,请你打个出租,或者坐门口的私人电瓶车去浣花溪公园(市场价10元)。这里在数百年前,是蜀锦绣娘们洗衣的地方,请你慢慢走,慢慢逛,浣花 溪公园里面有诗歌大道,有白鹭成群,是很有文化的一个精致公园。八卦一下:这个公园挨着的一片低矮的建筑是成都最最最最最富贵的城市别墅区,在房价基本 3、4千的时候,这里的房价就4、5万了……因为这里是二环内,市中心,还挨着大公园,入则宁静,出则热闹,哎,钱啊!你这把杀猪刀!

From Qingyang Gong, take a cab to Huanhuaxi Park (¥10). Here, hundreds of years ago, is a beautiful bitch Shu laundry where you go slowly, slowly stroll, there are poems Huanhuaxi Park Avenue, there are flocks of egrets, is an exquisite park very culture. Gossip: next to the park is an area of low-rise buildings, that are the most most most expensive villas in Chengdu. When the housing cost 3 or 4 thousand RMB per square meter, it cost 40k to 50k per square meter …… because this is within the Second Ring Road, the city center, is also next to a large park, in, you’ve the quiet, out, you’ve of the fun.

6、杜甫草堂 Du Fu Caitang/Cottage (Du, 712-770, was one of the most famous poets)

From Huanhuaxi to Du Fu Cottage isn’t too far. The locals aren’t too crazy about it. But since you’re a tourist and is in Chengde, may as well….. I feel nothing about it.

7、金沙遗址 the Jinsha Ruins

Du Fu Cottage and the Jinsha Ruins are also close. Jinsha Ruins, If only the park, it’s free but a guide cost like ¥80. To have come this far, take a look at the pictures, 3,000 years ago, the Sun Bird was lying, I do not understand, and you will see a curious when it ……

8、如果你在二环路上,你可以坐52路等环线公交车到红牌楼附近的站点下,然后问下路人怎么去永盛南街。到了以后,也请问路人一家“吃铲铲”的串串儿店在 哪里。(没办法,在成都不兴东西南北,你若问吃的,基本都能给你指路)这家店是最近很火的本土串串香店,推荐:排骨、牛肉、小鸟君干、鸵鸟肉、鹌鹑蛋、冒 脑花儿……一定不要吃它的油碟,一定要吃干碟,绝对辣不死你,会爽死你!

If you are in the second ring road, you can take the 52 bus to Hongpailou, and then ask the passerby how to get to Yongsheng NanJie South Yongsheng Street. Chi Chan Chan “Eat Shovels” strings shop is delicious and popular. (Natives are always happy to show you the way to the next restaurant when you ask) recommendations: pork, beef, birds Jun dry, ostrich , quail eggs, take the brain must not eat the flowers …… its oil dish, eat some dry dish, spicy absolutely die you will Shuangsi you!

9、红牌楼吃的还多,算了,都小街小巷不好找,再坐二环路环线车去神仙树/紫荆小区/银都花园站下车逛南门吧。Hongpailou has many good eateries but they’re difficult to find because of the twisty alleys. South Gate is better.

【南门篇】Nanmen South Gate.

南门是成都的富人聚居区,但没啥景点,推荐来这里也没啥好看的,倒是有几家好吃的可以去尝下。South Gate is a rich neighborhood. It’s nothing of interest but does have a few delicious restaurants.

1、紫荆社区 Zijing/Bauhinia Community

Lianglukou Huoguo The Two Junctions Hotpot is located in the back door of Bauhinia Garden/Community. Arrive at Tongzilin then ask around, people will direct you to this Hotpot restaurant. It’s an authentic Chongqing hot pot. If you ask me the difference between Chengdu and Chongqing Hotpot, I’d say, Chengdu Hotpot may upset your stomach (perhaps due to too spicy?) but Chongqing hot pot will make you diarrhea (I think the author means this …)

Not far from the Two Junctions is a huge landmark – Carrefour that has an numerous eating downstairs. There is a local favorite “San Ge Tian Luo” Third Brother Snail, which originated in a small alley shop on a pile of rubble. Specialties: shrimp tail, escargot, dough soup. really delicious ah!

3、鱼肉米线。家乐福门口那条街叫“新光路”,你沿着新光路往南走,大概1000米,路的左边有一家小店面“宋记酸菜鱼米线”,米线就是普通的米线,但汤 底是现炒的火爆酸菜鱼,好吃到什么地步呢?每次去,我都要排队等,最短1个半小时,最长3个小时……没耐心真的吃不了o(╯□╰)o
Fish noodle. Carrefour is on Xingguang Lu/Sunbeam Road, you go south along Sunbeam Road, about 1000 meters, on the left of the road there is a small storefront “Song Ji pickled fish noodle” Vermicelli noodle is common, but the soup is fresh fried hot pickled fish, delicious to what point? Every time I go, I have to wait in line, the shortest is one and a half hours, the longest three hours …… You really need patience to eat there

4、在新光路上还有一家“砂锅居”,每样菜都是在砂锅里熬制的,有红味儿有白味儿,适合各种口味的人,味道很不错。On Sunbeam Road there is a casserole shop, every dish is stewed in casserole, some are red while others taste, to suit all tastes, taste very good.

5、从新光路反向,向北走,一路走到二环边上,过路口,你就进入成都最老牌的“吃货聚集地”——玉林小区了。顺着这条玉林南路一直往北走,路的右边,你会 看到一大片装修得金碧辉煌的店铺,名字叫“老码头火锅”,嗯,这家味道也不错,BUT,重点不在这里。请你看它的对面,有一条小巷子,就在巷子口,有一家 “大头冷锅鱼”(貌似叫光头?记不清了,反正第一家)。这家冷锅鱼味道真的……好到让人感动,吃吧吃吧吃吧,反正鱼肉不长脂肪!

On Sunbeam Road, go north, right up to the edge of the second ring, over the junction, you will enter the Chengdu oldest “chowhound gathering” – the Yulin area. Go north on Yulin Road, to the right of the road, you will see a large decoration was magnificent shop, called “the old pier pot,” ah, this tastes good, BUT, the focus is not here. Please you look at it the opposite, there is a small alley, in the alleyways, there is a “big pot of cold fish” (seemingly called bald? Remember, anyway, first). This cold pot fish tastes really …… good to people moving, eat eat eat, anyway, the fish do not grow fat!

Afterward, you ask for the direction to “Wang Mah roast rabbit,” which is about 10 minutes walk. This roast rabbit, hey …… delicious to let you trembling, could not help but burst foul language: This is simply %^#+* TMD is too delicious! Moreover, it offers free vacuum packaging, you can take home to send friends and relatives. After you send the guarantee status, at least in the minds of friends lofty a month! Ha ha ha

7、从王妈出来,相信你是站在“倪家桥路”上,请你往东走,一直走到大路上去,那里就是成都著名的人民南路(曾经被本地人叫“人民烂路”,为了迎接宝哥 哥,活生生的飞速翻修一新),你站在人民南路这头,就可以看见对面有一栋高楼——维斯顿联邦大厦,嗯,它的旁边就是著名滴米国领事馆。请你安排一天上午, 就在米国领事馆的对面有一家文具店,文具店紧挨着有一个大门,对,门口挂着某某学校,就是那儿,进去。进门左边第一栋楼,第一套房,放心大胆的敲门,和老 板说你要来吃饭,这里是一个丝毫不起眼的私家菜馆,没有菜单,你让老板随便帮你安排吧。推荐:回锅肉、凉拌肉、炒素菜。都是最家常最家常的本地味道。为什 么来这么隐蔽的地方吃呢?你知道骆家辉吧?他老人家来成都出差就是来这家餐馆儿吃的午饭,然后这家馆子就火了。味道的确不错的,而且价格巨便宜。上次我们 3个人,点了6个菜,72元。
From Wang Mah, I believe that you are standing on “Nijia bridge” on the east you go, until you come up the road, there is the famous South Renmin Road (once the locals called the “People’s rotten road”, in order to meet Bao brother, they renovated). Renmin South Road, which you stand head and you can see the high-rise building opposite – Weston Federal Building, ah, next to it is famous consulate of USA. Please arrange one morning, just across the USA consulate, there is a stationery shop, a stationery store next door, right, the door hung a certain school, that is there, inside. The first building on the left door, the first suite, boldly knocked on the door and say you want to dine here. It’s a humble private restaurant, no menu, you just let the owner to help you arrange it. Recommended: twice-cooked pork, cold meat, fried vegetables. Most are the most homely homemade local flavor. Why such a secluded place to eat? You know Gary Locke, right? His Holiness to Chengdu trip to this restaurant is that children eat lunch, then this restaurant on fire. Taste really good, and the price is cheap giant. Last three of us, the point of six dishes, 72 yuan.

8、威斯顿联邦大厦楼下就是地铁1号线站点,你可以坐着去天府广场站下,没什么好看的。唯一好看的就是晚上7、8点左右音乐喷泉会好看一点,然后你可以站 在毛爷爷脚下摆拍一张,表示你来过成都……再顺道送你一个段子:当年512的时候,有一帅哥骑电瓶车从天府广场毛爷爷脚下过,突然看到毛爷爷在向他招手! 差点吓尿了……然后才反应过来,是地震了……囧
Weston Federal Building downstairs is Metro Line 1 station, it can take you to Tianfu Square Station, nothing special there. The only nice thing is evening around 7-8 points is the musical fountain will look better, then you can take a stand at the foot of Chairman Mao, which means that you came to Chengdu …… A joke: on the day of Wenchuan earthquake (2008-05-12), when a guy riding a cable car over the Tianfu Square. He suddenly saw Chairman Mao was waving to him. He almost scared to wet his pants …… the reality … it was an earthquake …… embarrassing

Metro Line 1 can also take you to Ocean Center, but that station has not yet finished, you can go to the terminal, and then take a cab to Ocean Center, about sit a variety ¥15-20. Ocean Center ticket is ¥130 yuan / adults, free for children under 1 meter 4.

Ancient Town Huanglong Xi is also not far from the south gate, (taxi – I do not know how much will it cost). Go all the way along the creek, you can experience the current and past.

【市中心】The City Center

天府广场是女人购物的好地方,男人看美女的好地方…… Tianfu Guangchang Tianfu Square is the shopping paradise for women and girl watching for the men.

1、盐市口新中兴 Yanshi Kou Xing Zhongxin/New Zhongxin

Xing Zhongxin is five min walk from Tianfu Square. Its a small shopping mall, and why it is recommended to go? It really has every thing, trendy, with many pretty women. Price, well, you need to bargain. There isn’t a minimum, only lower! Inside there is a new resurgence atrium, all sell food, it is recommended to eat: cool cake, ice pink children, cold shrimp, hot pink.

2、青石桥 Qingshiqiao

从新中兴出来,紧挨着就是青石桥。青石桥是成都著名的水产批发市场,周边有很多卖海鲜的饭馆儿,都是把海鲜弄成四川菜味儿的,相当销魂。曾经遍街都是火爆 的大排档,可惜已经被城管扫荡得差不多了。现在只有正式的店铺还在卖。如果你想去吃,可以找一家叫“红太阳”的海鲜大排档,它家味道不错,是我的老窝子 ——我为啥喜欢它?是因为我曾经亲眼在家乐福看见一个小工模样的小伙子,买了2大车的金龙鱼食用油,我还以为是打折呢,结果他说没打折,他只是帮老板买 的,再一问,他就是红太阳的。从这点来看,他家没有用地沟油,所以我就定点吃他家的菜了。推荐:白灼虾、香辣虾、蒜蓉蒸扇贝、炒圣子、清蒸螃蟹。
Qingshiqiao is next to New Zhongxin. Qingshiqiao is a famous seafood wholesale market, surrounded by many seafood restaurant. “Red Sun” seafood stall tastes good. It is my nest – why I like it? Because I have witnessed an unskilled laborer in Carrefour, bought two carts Arowana edible oil, I thought it was on sale but he said no discount, his boss asked him to buy. When I asked, He said it is the red sun. It seems that eatery did not use waste oil. Recommended: boiled shrimp, spicy shrimp, steamed scallops with garlic, fried Son, steamed crabs.

3、春熙路 Chun Xi Road

Tourists will be visiting this place, in fact, they are the same all over the country, what Beijing Wangfujing, Shanghai Nanjing Road, but nothing really good there. You can take a pix and run. Beauty touches more. Chunxi road almost outsiders would go, “Long Chao Shou”, the locals will not go, because: unpalatable.

4、华兴街 Huaxing Street
你在春熙路上找太平洋商场,找到就从它门口的天桥过去,那里是王府井商场,表去逛啦,全国商场都一样。直接去它背后的华兴街。华兴街有个锦江剧场,里面有 个“悦来茶楼”,几块钱一碗茶,还可以看川剧表演!!!这剧场旁边有家“盘飱市”餐馆,它家每天下午4点半开始卖一种“叉烧包”,这绝对和粤式叉烧不同, 是老成都的咸香味儿,每一个皮薄馅儿巨大,每人限购10个,起码提前半小时去排队啊!

If you are on Chunxi Lu and find Taipingyang Shangchang, Pacific Mall, cross from the over path (bridge) – there is the Wangfujing shopping malls, nothing special, the National Mall are the same. Go directly behind it Huaxing Street. There is Jinjiang Theater on Huaxing Street, which has Yuelai restaurant. For a few yuan for a bowl of tea, you can also enjoy the Sichuan Opera performances! ! ! Next to This theater is Sun City dish restaurant, every day at 16:30 it starts selling a “Cha Sui bun”, this is definitely different from Cantonese barbecued pork, salty taste of the old Chengdu, filling each thin huge. Each customer is limit to purchase 10 only, at least half an hour earlier to line up ah!

【东门篇】Dongmen, East Gate

1、合江亭 Hejiangting
从华兴街出来回到王府井门口,又过天桥回到太平洋商场门口,有个公交车站,你看看路牌,大概是56路?可以去合江亭。这里非常美~~~~~~~~~~~是 成都新人结婚“游街”几乎都会去摆拍的地方,就因为新人拍照,交警还专门在这儿刷了条“爱情斑马线”,你也赶紧去摆拍一个吧!
Huaxing come back from Wangfujing Street entrance, and over the bridge back to the Pacific mall entrance, there is a bus stop, you look at the signs, probably 56 Road? You can go Hejiangting. Here is very beautiful ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chengdu newlyweds “parading” almost always go to the place to shot new pictures, police also specifically brush “Love zebra crossing”, you also quickly to swing shoot a bar!

2、水井坊 SJF, Shuijingfang
There is a bridge at Hejiangting, past it, is the Shangri-La Hotel, downstairs is Shuijingfang leisure area, a variety of fine shops, like Beijing Sanlitun but definitely finer. You can put these stores when photographed background, so beautiful!

3、九眼桥 JiuYanqiao Nine Eyes Bridge

From Shuijingfang walk to JiuYanqiao, is about 10 minutes. JiuYanqiao was once synonymous with the Chengdu dirty and messy. But it has been turned into a luxury residential and gorgeous famous clubbing zone. JiuYanqiao to go clubbing, go look beautiful JiuYanqiao. JiuYanqiao next to the river there is a row of antique building, full of small bars, cool environment, sitting on the river to drink, to see beautiful women, Yeyeyeye every night so beautiful, expensive!

【北门篇】Beimen North Gate
北门主要是荷花池批发城、火车北站、建材城等,我不太了解,但如果你要去,我可以推荐几个大方向。North Gate is mainly lotus pond, Wholesale City, North train station, city building, etc., I do not know it well but if you go, I can recommend …

1、熊猫基地 Panda Base

I’ve never been to Panda Base because I was not interested …… but if you like, you can go and see, that guy is a national treasure. ¥1000 allows you to pose with one (expensive!) Address: Chengdu Panda northern suburbs outside of North Avenue 26 panda base.

2、重庆 Chongqing
北门我实在不太了解了,如果你精力好,就从火车北站坐动车去重庆再玩玩儿。请重庆的同学来补攻略吧!… You can take train to Chongqing …

★★★★ 其它著名景点 other attractions ★★★★

【古镇篇】Old Towns
成都周边有N个古镇:平乐古镇、黄龙溪古镇、大邑刘文彩庄园、雅安上里古镇、柳江古镇、街子古镇…… Chengdu has many old towns: Pingle, Huanglongxi, Liu Wencai Village (a big landlord), Ya’an Shangli, Liujiang, Jiezi, … etc.

我先提醒一句:每个古镇,都是一幅大致相同的装逼复古文艺画。those old towns are all very similar. If you’re pressed by time, I recommend to visit Huanglongxi. It’s the closest, there is public transportation from Xingnanmen (New South Gate) station. It’s crowded, but almost no cheating of tourist, in good order.



【著名景点篇】Famous Attractions

1、青城山都江堰 Mount Qingcheng,



★青城山有个很有名的乡场,叫虹口乡,这里是成都人最爱的避暑胜地之一。在这里,人们坐在河滩里,脚下是刚刚漫过脚背的上游流下来的雪山水,面前是农家乐 老板们给你铺好的麻将桌,旁边还有小工给你烤烧烤,打累了还可以去漂流,饿了就在旁边的农家院子里吃野菜、山鸡肉、跑山猪肉……爽死!晚上的住宿一般几十 块到一百多1个标间,有的还包三餐饭,有空调,不过空调基本用不着,沟里太凉快了啊!

2、峨眉山 Mount Emei



看猴子是必须的,表担心猴子会伤害你,峨眉山的猴子管理得非常严格,基本上是3、4只猴子有一个指定的“保姆”管理着,你要喂食也好、拍照也好,都会有保 姆跟着服务,不会让它伤害你的。而且那儿的猴子也懒得伤害人了,反正每天都有各种吃吃喝喝,只需要摆个姿势配合拍照就是了,比抢来得容易多了。

峨眉山还有一个特色:泡温泉。峨眉山有一个温泉谷,里面是很多家温泉酒店,每家都很有特色。(温泉谷门口的小吃街上的东西也很好吃哦,推荐尝下烧烤、豆腐 脑、酸辣粉)据我周围人们反应:红珠山、灵秀温泉这2个是口碑最好的。其中灵秀温泉景点打造得很好,有各种大小的池子,可以情侣泡,可以集体泡,最爽的是 有一群池子修成梯田的样子,顺流而下,对面是一个舞台,遇到节假日还会表演歌舞,你趴在温泉池子里,看对面的歌舞表演,真是神仙的日子!


3、乐山 Mount Le




4、自贡 Zigong




5、蜀南竹海 Sichuan Bamboo Sea



6、西岭雪山 Xiling Snow Mountain




8、九寨沟 Jiuzaigou


BUT,如果你在成都市区玩儿,请注意这些小细节:some tips to navigate in Chengdu:

>>问路 asking for directions:
不管你是打车还是问路人,你说东西南北,都没人能懂,你得问“左转”、“右转”…… never ask to go south or west, it always turn right or left

>>好吃 delicious:
判断一个馆子好吃与否,就是看他门口排队的人多不多。一个馆子门口,宝马、奔驰和自行车、三轮车和谐并排是常态,只要好吃,身份不存在。see if the line is long; BMW or Mercedes could be parked next to a bike is the norm.

在成都的馆子吃饭,不管那服务员是20还是60,女的统一叫“小妹儿”,男的统一叫“小弟娃儿”。titles for waitress/waiter: regardless 20 or 60, female waiter is called Xiaomei, male Xiaodiwa.

总之:成都,一个不装优雅,努力吃喝的地方。To short, Chengdu is unpretentious and enjoy gastronomy to its fullest.

May 29 2014

Beijing airport bus

It’s very convenient, ¥24 (or ¥26 a ride).