May 8 2014

Morningside Park


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May 8 2014

Acqua Al 2

212 7th St SE
Washington, DC 20003
b/t S North Carolina Ave & S C St
(202) 544-1244
Capitol Hill

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Rustic decor (incl spacious bathroom), delicious food, great service. The plates mounted on the walls are out of place. It reminds me a little of New York’s Palm’s cartoons on the wall, which is far better.

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Men are mostly in suits, small time bureaucrats and lobbyists? Karl Rove would fit in perfectly -:)
Loved their foursome, sensible dessert – bit of each, four kinds. Awesome. Great food and service.

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We went there last time but didn’t want to wait. Glad we made it this time.


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May 8 2014

Welcome to Washington DC’s Key bridge

The sign at entrance from Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington County, Virginia, to Key Bridge. The other end is Georgetown.

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May 8 2014

New York, UWS

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