Oct 6 2014


Hilton Worldwide is selling the Waldorf-Astoria, a landmark hotel that has epitomized luxury for generations of visitors to New York, to a Chinese insurance company for $1.95 billion.

Well, it indeed needs a make over. We stayed there for two nights in 2008 and I wondered what would Mrs. Brook Astor think of the place?
image image

华尔道夫 酒店 卖给了🇨🇳 安邦 (?)保险公司, $1.95b. 李鸿章1896 年访问🇺🇸,纽约时住在这里. 平时去那里吃 喝 不觉得 但是住时 (2008) 就觉得真需要 装修 – 记得 那时想 不知道 布鲁克·阿斯特 (Brooke Astor) 会怎么想 [白眼]