Aug 27 2015

Trader Joe’s DC

I begin to like Trader Joe’s more and more. The Benefactor Shiraz wine is awesome.

  • Two buck chuck $2.99
  • Benefactor Shiraz SE Aussie $4.99
  • French baguette $1.59
  • bag fee $0.10

Aug 26 2015


The hotel is on embassy row. Tiny lobby but specious room that’s nicely appointed. Old fashioned telephone and clock. Even the room key have multiple designs. Small bathroom but brightly light, is comfortable (… workmanship on the sink is so so tho). Nice towels and good water pressure
Bikes and selfie sticks on loan. The desk clerk said, “the selfie stick is for the younger generation.” -:)
Bathrobe isn’t terrycloth, if I’ve to pick on them.
The living room in the lobby offers coffee and tea in the morning, with NYT and USA Today.

Aug 26 2015

The 4th Year

The beginning of the end. Time flies. We picked up wine and cheese from Trader Joe’s

Aug 26 2015

The Susquehanna park

Aug 26 2015

Ristorante Piccolo

It’s our second time there. Decent food lousy table. It minds me of a small restaurant somewhere in Italy with the house that’s half way falling down. It wasn’t busy, more than half the restaurant was empty, but they sit us by the door. The “romantic” may resulted from low ceiling and small.

Aug 25 2015

Delmonico’s Kitchen

207 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018

image image

Tuna tartare and crab cake are awesome. Like the way they serve the wine by the glass with a mini decanter – but it also means one more seemingly unnecessary thing to wash.

image image


The chicken is good but on the salty side. A TV mounted in the bathroom?

On the menu, they offer four types of steak: Demonico’s Steak, filet mignon, NY strip and porterhouse, they’re all under $50. (Steak frite is much less).
We ordered a chicken and three steaks. The house steak is the best. The special double rib eye for two – marbled, as our waiter stressed – is huge. The serving plate is way too small for it, feels like a fast food, eyesore and unappetizing. Lately many decent restaurants give prices of their specials. Given the fact most steaks cost around $50 at this one, I’d think it costs about the same but it’s $150. A big doggy bag.

image image image image

The sweet girl offered to charge my phone when I mentioned my battery was running low – thank you!


Aug 23 2015

Shanghai Cuisine 33

57-33 Main St.
Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 353-5791

image image

A homey eatery, decent food with friendly service. A little distance from downtown Flushing, closer to LIE. Saw them opening up and expanding. The lady manned the desk speaks cantoneses – not that matters but just didn’t seem to see Cantoneses run Shanghai eatery, in the past. Possible she’s just a hired hand. The world is getting flatter by the day.
I like their bean curd cold dish with mushroom filling, very much. As an appetizer or a light meal for me – yes, like it this much.

Aug 23 2015

New buildings

They’re coming up everywhere. This one is seen on Sanford Avenue by Union. A girl on Main Street waiting for the traffic light.
IMG_3962 2016-07-28 image image image

Aug 22 2015

Central Park

more pix here


by the pond

image image image image image image image image

Aug 22 2015

Central Park in August

John Lennon’s Strawberry Field @ 72nd Street Central Park. Walking down the path, I saw two Asians giving massage, $10 for 10 minutes. More scenic pix
image image image image

The bikers in the park

image image image image

The boaters

image image image image

The entertainers

image image


The sheds, the turtle, the hideaways

image image image image image image