Aug 23 2015

Shanghai Cuisine 33

57-33 Main St.
Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 353-5791

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A homey eatery, decent food with friendly service. A little distance from downtown Flushing, closer to LIE. Saw them opening up and expanding. The lady manned the desk speaks cantoneses – not that matters but just didn’t seem to see Cantoneses run Shanghai eatery, in the past. Possible she’s just a hired hand. The world is getting flatter by the day.
I like their bean curd cold dish with mushroom filling, very much. As an appetizer or a light meal for me – yes, like it this much.

Aug 23 2015

New buildings

They’re coming up everywhere. This one is seen on Sanford Avenue by Union. A girl on Main Street waiting for the traffic light.
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