Aug 27 2015

Elkneck State Park

Best to bring a garbage bag if you think you’ve something to discard: didn’t see a garbage can.
It’s to be my top five picnic spot.
The park is huge, we only went to the Lighthouse at Turkey Point. The hike from the small parking lot is 3/4 mile. During high season visitors may be turned away due to lack of parking. At the fork, we took the path to the right, that led us to the water. It’s a perfect for us – the little ‘beach’ was the just right spot, complete with a table. Obviously we have better luck than the The Berenstain Bears -:).
After picnic we trekked to the lighthouse. It has wide open field, with a gift shop. The shop’s door was closed.

Part of trek
We saw a deer – Managed hunting notes were posted

I saw Twin Towers
Will check out Woody’s Crab House!

Aug 27 2015

Trader Joe’s DC

I begin to like Trader Joe’s more and more. The Benefactor Shiraz wine is awesome.

  • Two buck chuck $2.99
  • Benefactor Shiraz SE Aussie $4.99
  • French baguette $1.59
  • bag fee $0.10