Sep 13 2015

AirBnB’s cancellations

We made three reservations on AirBnB for the week long trip west, but two had canceled on us. This is the second time I use ABB and learned a valuable lesson: the unpredictability of dealing with a private individual.

One cancellation gave no reason and the second (9.13 for 9.26 arrival) said her mom was coming. She was kind enough to let us use their aquarium passes – this was the reason I booked with her. At the time of my booking, there were plenty choices in the area with the identical offer: two passes. At the cancellation time, there was no property available. We ended up paying 50% more for a hotel. Beware when booking with AirBnB.

The most un-tolerable aspect from this, was told by AirBnB rep wrote “… well, she did offer you the use of the passes …” What kind of attitude is this???