Sep 15 2015

How do travelers deal with AirBnB’s cancellations?

Two out of three bookings for our upcoming trip are canceled by AirBnB’s hosts. It’s unfortunate but Airbnb could have done more to help.

Listing the cancelation by the host upfront. Currently each host is rated by the following six categories:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Communication
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Location
  5. Check In
  6. Value

They are important but none of them is crucial: at least you have a place to stay. You don’t have to alter your travel plan. Posting cancellation upfront (with the days to arrival) as a category could give the traveler a choice if they want to take the chance.
Currently the calculation is posted by Airbnb under the ‘Review’ by date. It could get buried if the host has numerous reviews, or travels unaware – I only noticed it when I tried to rebook due to cancellation. I spotted one host cancelled four days prior of the arrival!! I cringed, wondered what did Airbnb do to help this traveler? Image someone or two on the road and his or her next stay, only 4 days away is cancelled.
Airbnb does offer 10% in store credit for rebooking. However it doesn’t really help when there isn’t any properties available at the destination.
When we booked Monterey CA, there were many properties to choose from with two free aquarium tickets included – $39.95 each to purchase. Now as too close to our travel date, nothing is available. How would Airbnb remedy this?
I called Airbnb and the operator said, “sorry … Very sorry … My condolence ..” Condolence??? But sorry nothing we Airbnb can do.
The 10% credit is only redeemable when the rebooking cost more. Why doesn’t Airbnb refund us the 10% too? Even with the 10% it won’t cover the Monterey aquarium tickets.
Thanks god there are hotels, the old fashion way. At least we’re a place to stay, and don’t have to re-puzzle our trip.