Sep 27 2015

Garrapata State Park @ Big Sur

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Sep 27 2015

A camp, and picnic

xx camp on CA 1. They power wash the bathroom everyday. It’s an all out endeavor.

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We had picnic lunch on the CA 1. With the moon cake – it’s the Autumn Festival.

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Sep 27 2015

Bixby Creek bridge and CA 1

After Point Lobos, we continued on CA 1, passing by some enchanting scenery and came to Bixby bridge.  on wiki

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There were flashing lights on the fire trucks. Cars stopped, people were asking if some one had fall. We worry.

Yes in deed. A loser claimed down but couldn’t come up by himself. What a LOSER.

DSCN7320 DSCN7330

Firemen have to risk their lives to save one loser. One fire man stayed at the distance to help guiding his fellow to get the loser up the cliff.



Sep 27 2015

Granite Point Trail

From the entrance, take the path on the right, pass the Carmelo Meadow @ Point Lobos State park.

DSCN7246 DSCN7239 - Copy DSCN7256 DSCN7255 DSCN7278 DSCN7280

Going to the sea level there is a stone beach. With each pounding wave, as the water retrieve, the stones sing to their hearts content.

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Sep 27 2015

The public beach at Carmel

At the end of Ocean Avenue in Carmel, six blocks from Lincoln St where Dametra Cafe is.
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Sep 27 2015

Normandy Inn

At Carmel, CA.
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Sep 27 2015

Dametra Cafe

Corner of Ocean & Lincoln
Carmel, CA 93921
(831) 622-7766

Dogs are allowed. It’s always packed. A few other restaurants near by were empty.

IMG_1102 IMG_1104 IMG_1079 IMG_1080

The table next to us were two young girls and two older people. They spoke Mandarin and Shanghainess. The old man drank his tea with the tea spoon.

IMG_1087 IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1095

They filled the wine, almost, to the brim. The owner, who plays the mandolin(?) would come to sing, to entertain, dragging his chef out to sing too. Again, the mussels aren’t clean, sandy. They also offer the complimentary backlava.

IMG_1089 IMG_1100 IMG_1086 IMG_1082

Sep 27 2015


Or, simply, Carmel.

It’s a really charming, relaxed small town on the Pacific Ocean, reminds me of my little town in New York.

Clint Eastwood served from 1986 to 88 as the mayor. He used to have a restaurant in town but had sold it a while ago. Instead, he now owns the Mission Ranch, saved from the developer.

Earlier in the day, we visited Point LobosBixby bridge, Big Sur, even stopped by a camp.

We had dinner at Dametra Cafe in Carmel then walked to the beach, passing by two hotels and a very empty restaurant.

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Sep 27 2015

Coal Chute Point

It’s a short walk from the Carmelo Meadow at the Pit to Coal Chute Point @ Point Lobos State park. The stone in the water looks like the Egyptian sphinx, doesn’t it?
DSCN7237 DSCN7205 DSCN7225 DSCN7228 DSCN7229 DSCN7236


Sep 27 2015

Carmelo Meadow

We took a short walk to our right, arriving at Carmelo Meadow @ Point Lobos State park.

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