Feb 4 2016

Embassy Row Hotel

IMG_24902015 Massachusetts Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20036

A hotel with good rating one block from the DuPont Circle, next the the Sunday market. However we have a terrible and horrible experience staying there.
The fan in room 421 was so loud that I woke up at 1am. I called the front desk for help. The lady on the phone said she doesn’t know how to fix but will call a security guard. During the long wait, I called once more and she called up once asking if the guy had come. After about 30 minutes a guy in uniform came up and tried to stop the noisy fan. As he’s fixing, I heard a card has inserted in to the slot and our door was opened. I thought the person was from the hotel and came to help too. But no. He’s a guest. The uniformed guy called down to the front desk, asking why they put a guest into our room.

How could this even possible?

I was really tired and when he offered the next room I took it. I wrote a post on the hotel’s Facebook and wrote to them on their corp website from Contact Us while waiting for someone to come last night. There isn’t a word from the hotel. No assurance that such thing – someone would walk in at 2AM, won’t happen again. I called the booking agent trying to cancel the third night to no avid. The booking agent said, hotel refused, the hotel said it’s their staff in our room. This is a big lie. Yes their staff was in the room, to witness a guest opened the door and walked in.

Many year ago, a coworker of mine went to sky and was left in the lift for four hours when the resort stopped the lifts due to inclement weather. He said although he had frostbite from it but he suffered the most was the indifference from the hotel. There was not a single word from the hotel. The decency doesn’t seem to apply when the business was really in the wrong. Other coworkers had suggested a law suit but him he didn’t: “I’m a Russian.” As if lawsuit was beneath him. This was in the good old days in 1980s.

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From the 4th floor window

image IMG_4127

Feb 4 2016

Washington DC in progress

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Feb 4 2016

DC in February

Rarely do we go to DC in February. An exception.


Feb 4 2016

Bobby Van’s

809 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20005

DC has two Bobby Van’s. This one located in a nicer building.

High ceiling, old fashioned, lively bar (noisy but tolerable), good service, dimmed light. All the food were delicious:

  • warm bread, whipped butter (I prefer soft butter but this would do)
  • fried calamari with parm (could be crisper but I like this)
  • Fresh buffalo mozzarella & tomato
  • Bone-in ribeye steak
  • NY strip sirloin
  • mashed potato
  • fried zucchini

A four star rating from me.

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