Feb 5 2016

National Portrait Gallery

A very well curated gallery, cross street from Zaytinya. We pass by this museum hundred times till my daughter suggested. I regret for not going in sooner. We visited it two days in a row during our last 4-day trip.

Although it named Portrait but there are plenty history, as well as arts. At one corner is Irving Penn exhibition.

IMG_4313 IMG_4273 IMG_4196 IMG_4206

The courtyard is lovely to have a quick bit or read a book.

IMG_4218 IMG_4222

Central Park, Golden Gate, Cape Cod

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Irving Penn’s exhibition, his wife Lisa Penn

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Girls rule. The window on the third floor, looking out to the National Archives. Helen Gurley Brown – the American version of Coco Chanel? The record setter: Katharine Hepburn and her four Oscars.

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Feb 5 2016

Chinese New Year at Met

The Multicultural Audience Development Initiative is the organizer of Lunar New Year Reception at the Temple of Dendur: Masterpieces of Chinese Painting from the Metropolitan Collection. It’s already so crowded as it is, without all these marketing.

Feb 5 2016

Zaytinya, finally

701 9th St NW,
Washington, DC 20001

One of Jose Andres’ restaurant – Mediterranean, sits across street from museum – National Portrait Gallery. Airy and neat, the setting is lovely and inviting. We have lunch there on a sunny day. The hall is filled with light and some are reflected off the few hug bottles of olive oil that they they sprinkled around as decor.

We were seated by the working station, which is a bit uncomfortable.

The waiting staff is great. They all seem to know what to do. They also know the ingredients of the dish, one even told me how to make the garlic toum. But warned me how and when to add ice is crucial. They are well trained and the restaurant is well run.

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Feb 5 2016



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The doors to the knowledge and future.

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Key bridge

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Someone’s bar ..


The senior parents’ weekend @ Healey Family Student Center

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